Wood Decor Adds History Uniqueness To A Home

Wood Decor Adds History Uniqueness To A Home

A home featuring traditional wood crafts, folk art and​ hand-carved furniture exemplifies a​ unique style of​ beauty. Whether you​ proudly display family heirlooms or​ collectibles gathered throughout the years, the addition​ of​ wood as​ a​ classic backdrop throughout your​ home will set the stage for​ these historic treasures and​ enhance your​ home's sense of​ warmth and​ style.

Here are some tips for​ adding wood decor to​ your​ home.

* Start with the entrance. an​ impressively detailed, hand-carved wood door will set the tone before anyone even takes a​ step into your​ home. a​ stately carved wood door informs those entering the home of​ your​ own personal style.

An elaborate wood entry system, like those available in​ the Jeld-Wen IWP Collection, features extraordinary details that emphasize the wood's character. These doors are created by artisans who carefully craft each masterpiece to​ match and​ highlight a​ home's architectural details.

* Include interior decorative wood pieces. From windows, doors and​ furniture to​ clocks and​ artwork, decorative pieces are available in​ the wood species and​ style of​ your​ choice. Many of​ these pieces are still being created by hand. Artisans utilize their skills to​ replicate the exquisite works of​ old-world craftsmen, as​ well as​ create new, original designs. Craftsmen construct each piece individually, often choosing and​ planing the lumber themselves to​ bring out the true beauty of​ the wood.

* Create your​ own style. Continue your​ wood theme throughout your​ home when selecting moulding, cabinetry and​ any additional woodwork. Using the same species all through your​ home creates a​ truly harmonious, classic feel. Or, use a​ blend of​ species by coordinating two or​ three different types of​ wood to​ create a​ varied, somewhat eclectic look.

From maple, pine and​ oak to​ mahogany and​ rosewood, these woods complement each other and​ promise an​ exotic design that will add interest and​ character to​ each room.

* Mix and​ match old with new. When decorating, match hand-carved wood items with factory-built accents, which are stylish yet economical. Handcrafted tables, cedar chests and​ armoires blend seamlessly with manufacturer-made wood picture frames, clocks and​ candlesticks. Mixing in​ your​ antique treasures will add that final touch, giving your​ home the individuality you​ desire and​ a​ proud display of​ your​ prized possessions.

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