Woo Woo Writing Exploring The Paranormal In Erotic Romance

Woo Woo Writing Exploring The Paranormal In Erotic Romance

My next book,​ Take Me There is​ an​ erotic ghost story. it​ is​ scheduled for release in​ November 2007. This is​ the​ description from the​ back cover:

Imagine the​ man of​ your dreams reaching out to​ you in​ the​ night…from across centuries. And he isn’t the​ only one. in​ this daring choose-your-own-adventure novel from the​ author of​ Sins and Secrets,​ hungry lovers separated by time and space come together to​ find physical passion in​ unearthly ways…

Can one woman love two men? Journalist Presley Knowles is​ about to​ find out the​ answer to​ that very sensual question. Her sex drive zooms into the​ red zone after a​ near-death experience in​ a​ car accident – and between Dr. Daniel Hanson,​ the​ young doctor who saved her,​ and Vadim,​ a​ ghostly lover from another time,​ she’s about to​ experience the​ ultimate in​ physical pleasure. Wild and willing as​ she wants to​ be,​ Presley gets to​ explore all of​ her wickedest sensual fantasies when both lovers share her bed…

Woo-woo is​ not new to​ me. I have been a​ long time student of​ metaphysics and spirituality. My personal library of​ woo-woo books is​ extensive. the​ idea of​ weaving my background of​ paranormal study into an​ erotic romance seemed far fetched,​ until I happened upon a​ rerun of​ the​ Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I’m not talking about the​ television series. it​ is​ the​ 1947 movie with Rex Harrison as​ Captain Gregg and Gene Tierney as​ Mrs. Muir that rang my chimes. it​ is​ a​ remarkable love story.

When I watched that film,​ I got completely caught up in​ the​ story,​ and in​ the​ possibilities. I took the​ inspiration from that movie and stirred it​ into a​ pot with all the​ information I’ve picked up over the​ years. What emerged has become Take Me There.

The study of​ metaphysics has been a​ hobby of​ mine for many years. My interest began when I had what are best described as​ psychic experiences. Being a​ rational and reasonable person,​ I figured I must have popped my cookies. These things don’t happen to​ sane people,​ I told myself. Well,​ guess what! They sure do.

The simplest way to​ explain what happens is​ that I see pictures in​ my head. Except for one time,​ it’s nothing really extreme. I can find lost things in​ my home,​ like keys,​ missing socks or​ jewelry. It’s not that I look for them. I see where they are in​ my mind,​ go look in​ the​ place I see,​ and there is​ the​ missing item. the​ most notable exception is​ the​ time I located a​ missing life insurance policy for a​ friend. Her husband had just passed away,​ and her family could not find the​ policy. I found it​ in​ the​ way I just described.

There is​ also a​ problem I have with small electrical appliances. I keep a​ supply of​ light bulbs on​ hand,​ because I frequently blow them out. I have also burned out several hair dryers and a​ vacuum cleaner. I have learned not to​ let such things throw me,​ although I admit,​ sometimes it​ gets a​ tad bizarre. I forgot to​ mention,​ I have also intuited passwords on​ occasion,​ which really freaked people out.

In order to​ understand the​ weird phenomena that seemed to​ follow me around,​ I studied. I read everything from Edgar Cayce,​ to​ Jane Roberts,​ to​ Alice Baily. Included in​ the​ many areas I studied were reincarnation,​ near-death experiences,​ channeling and mediumship. Certainly,​ I used personal discernment to​ separate the​ wheat from the​ chaff,​ classic metaphysics from. well,​ let’s just say,​ things that didn’t resonate with me.

My studies took an​ unusual turn when I entered an​ Interfaith Seminary in​ the​ early 90’s. I studied much more,​ and ultimately became an​ ordained Interfaith Minister. I have performed weddings and funerals. And,​ I have raised more than a​ few eyebrows when people find out I am ordained AND I write erotic romance.

I never expected to​ write a​ book where I could use any of​ this information. the​ personal need to​ understand is​ all I thought about while doing this research and attending seminary. But once again,​ fate intervened. When I proposed the​ idea for Take Me There to​ my editor,​ she bought it!

The synchronicity and dovetailing it​ took to​ combine my metaphysical and spiritual background with my erotic romance writing blew me away! Take Me There is​ certainly hot erotic romance,​ but the​ backdrop of​ woo-woo is​ solid. it​ goes to​ show,​ you just never know how things are going to​ come together in​ unexpected ways. as​ they say,​ what goes around comes around.

Woo Woo Writing Exploring The Paranormal In Erotic Romance

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