Womens Health And Weight Loss Tip 1 Lose Weight To Fight Osteoporosis

Womens Health And Weight Loss Tip 1 Lose Weight To Fight Osteoporosis

It is​ a​ well known fact that exercise and weight loss make you both look and feel better. Another bit of​ common knowledge is​ that to​ lose weight,​ control your diet,​ and exercise regularly gives you a​ healthier heart.

In addition to​ the​ previously mentioned benefits of​ proper diet and exercise are several other very specific health benefits of​ having a​ regular exercise and weight loss program.

One additional health benefits of​ exercise and weight loss activities is​ guarding against osteoporosis,​ the​ disease that makes the​ bones weak and brittle with age.

Weight-bearing activities like walking,​ ellyptical machine,​ and jogging,​ have been shown to​ strengthen the​ skeletal system and lower the​ risk of​ the​ development of​ this very debilitating disease.

The primary reason for this is​ that exercises that force the​ body to​ bear weight make the​ bones more dense over time as​ opposed to​ a​ sedentary lifestyle,​ in​ which the​ bones get weaker and more brittle due to​ a​ lack of​ force placed against them.

In women in​ particular,​ the​ low estrogen levels that often accomopany menopause and/or very sporadic menstruation make the​ problem even worse as​ the​ bones lose a​ lot of​ their mineral content and weaken accordingly.

In addition,​ such activities that many take part in​ to​ either lose weight or​ maintain an​ already healthy body composition have also been shown to​ aid in​ preventing further development of​ the​ disease for those who have already been diagnosed and have received clearance from their doctor.

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