Wise Article Marketing Strategies

Wise Article Marketing Strategies

If you​ are an​ article writer,​ you​ may have been submitting your articles to​ ezines in​ order to​ get your name out there. Ezines are wonderful in​ that they give the​ unpublished author the​ opportunity to​ market their name without the​ expense of​ advertising. at​ some point you​ may wonder if​ you​ can be compensated for your work. the​ answer: yes,​ you​ can. Through implementing wise marketing strategies,​ you​ can earn money for your work and receive steady income. Here's how:

Your Website if​ you​ don't already have your very own website,​ set one up and feature some of​ your favorite articles. You'll create an​ extra set of​ links to​ articles you​ already submitted to​ the​ ezines. Make sure you​ have a​ contact form in​ place to​ allow interested parties a​ way to​ get in​ touch with you.

Blogging a​ great alternative to​ a​ website are blogs. if​ you​ don't have the​ time or​ money to​ manage a​ website,​ you​ can create a​ blog and have links to​ your articles appear there.

Message Boards/Forums if​ you​ run a​ well respected and busy forum,​ consider letting your members know that you​ write articles as​ well. if​ you​ don't run a​ forum,​ but you​ are a​ moderator,​ ask the​ forum administrator for the​ opportunity to​ promote yourself in​ exchange for your work.

Craig's List This site is​ the​ king of​ all sites. you​ can post your resume,​ your small business ad,​ look for work,​ join a​ club,​ etc. in​ most cases no fees are ever charged and it​ can be a​ great way for you​ to​ network. at​ the​ very least,​ any link you​ place in​ your "ad" will quickly gain you​ a​ good link with the​ search engines. One caveat: most ads run from between 10 and 45 days,​ so you​ will need to​ manage your ads in​ order to​ remain marketable.

Paid Sites if​ you​ are serious about making some income on​ your articles,​ consider investing in​ yourself and joining a​ paid site. Many will allow you​ to​ have either a​ free trial period or​ a​ basic membership. to​ receive the​ full benefit of​ the​ site,​ you​ will need to​ upgrade. Guru.com is​ one such site for you​ to​ consider.

Trade Associations if​ you​ write on​ a​ specialized topic,​ such as​ railroads,​ contact your local trade association and see if​ they are in​ need of​ a​ staff writer. Many associations will give to​ you​ a​ small stipend. if​ not,​ see if​ you​ can get a​ free membership or​ some other type of​ discounted service for your work. Cash is​ cool,​ but free services are nice too!

Email Lists in​ this day of​ overreaching spamming,​ getting an​ email list together of​ people who will actually read your emails can be difficult. Instead,​ join a​ list-serv and discretely share your talents with members there.

Article writing for profit can take time and it​ will usually require a​ lot of​ legwork on​ your part before you​ get established. Still,​ it​ can lead to​ bigger and more profitable ventures for you​ as​ long as​ you​ stick with it. if​ you​ are good at​ it,​ it​ may allow you​ to​ quit your "day job" to​ pursue what you​ really want to​ do. What can be better than that?

Wise Article Marketing Strategies

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