Winning The Losing Weight Game

Winning The Losing Weight Game

Are you more or​ less constantly thinking about your weight,​ or​ whether you’re eating or​ not eating?
Do you find that at​ times when you start eating that you just can’t stop yourself? And then when your clothes don’t fit do you decide to​ resolve that by eating more?

Often as​ a​ consequence of​ this common behaviour is​ that you will feel bad about yourself and imagine that everyone is​ thinking how big you are,​ thus increasing your anxiety about your eating and image,​ so that you eat more to​ comfort yourself.

You might not believe it​ yet there are steps you can take to​ get you out this self-destructive cycle and turn around the​ negative feelings that you experience.

When we​ are in​ these ‘mind-traps’ we​ are habitually repeating thought patterns and acting on​ them without questioning where they come from and what they do for us.

A simple question such as: ‘What will that do for me?’ can often be the​ beginning of​ understanding ourselves better and our behaviour. Approaching the​ problem in​ this way can be the​ first step towards doing things differently.

It works like this: a​ bad experience gives you the​ urge to​ go to​ the​ biscuit tin and eat as​ many biscuits as​ you can. But this time,​ instead of​ binging on​ biscuits,​ as​ yourself: ‘What will that do for me?’

If the​ answer is​ something like ‘It gives me a​ treat,​’ ask yourself: ‘And if​ I have this treat,​ what does that do for me?; Again,​ wait for your answer,​ it​ may be something like,​ ‘If I have this treat then I will feel appreciated.’ if​ this is​ your response carry on​ and ask yourself: ‘If I get to​ feel appreciated,​ what does that do for me?’ Listen for an​ answer and keep asking yourself the​ same question,​ until you can go no further with your responses. What you’re looking for is​ the​ higher motivation behind the​ behaviour ‘eating too many biscuits’. By doing this on​ a​ regular basis you will get in​ touch with what you really want and take your first step to​ controlling the​ food cravings.

I worked with a​ client who was unhappy with her weight and eating. Her name was Mary,​ a​ wife and working mother of​ two young boys. we​ did this exercise and she realised that she wanted to​ feel comforted.

When we​ looked at​ other aspects of​ her life it​ became clear that she never put herself first in​ terms of​ what she wanted and one way or​ another she now felt unappreciated and lacking.

Mary also realised that rarely gave her self permission to​ have ‘me time’ to​ do things like soak in​ a​ luxurious bath,​ or​ go out with friends,​ or​ watch what she wanted on​ TV,​ These all may seem like small trivial things,​ but added together they became the​ source of​ her feelings of​ being invisible,​ not appreciated and generally unloved.

Mary worked on​ creating ways that she could reward,​ comfort and appreciate herself that didn’t have to​ mean eating. Very soon she became very clear about her goals and how to​ achieve them. People around her noticed a​ change and responded by being more receptive and positive towards her. as​ a​ result,​ she easily shed weight,​ looked and was much happier,​ and forgot all about eating for comfort.

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