Winning The Family Weight Loss Game

Winning The Family Weight Loss Game

Is weight weighing heavily on​ your mind? if​ you or​ someone in​ your family needs to​ lose weight,​ you have lots of​ company: Nearly two-thirds of​ American adults and a​ third of​ American children need to​ lighten up.

Since the​ family is​ one of​ the​ most powerful influences on​ a​ child's weight and health,​ a​ new book from Betty Crocker rallies family members to​ team up in​ tackling their weight concerns. "Betty Crocker Win at​ Weight Loss Cookbook" ($24.95,​ available where books are sold) maps out a​ game plan of​ simple steps that parents can take for improving their own healthy habits while allowing their kids to​ become more active and "grow into" a​ healthier weight. Parents are the​ role model and coach of​ the​ family team.

To ensure success for readers,​ Betty Crocker enlisted the​ assistance of​ a​ leading public health expert for winning strategies in​ this new book. an​ internationally respected researcher in​ weight control,​ James Hill,​ Ph.D.,​ lends his best advice from years of​ counseling clients who have attained and successfully maintained a​ healthy weight. Hill is​ a​ professor of​ pediatrics at​ the​ University of​ Colorado,​ and director of​ the​ Center for Human Nutrition,​ which is​ funded by the​ National Institutes of​ Health. Hill is​ also co-founder of​ America on​ the​ Move,​ an​ initiative to​ help people avoid weight gain.

The family that plays together enjoys good health and has fun together. in​ becoming more active and enjoying a​ wide variety of​ delicious meals,​ any family can be "winners" and gain healthy habits for a​ lifetime. the​ new book provides realistic steps for any family to​ take toward better health.

Winning The Family Weight Loss Game

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