Will I Make Money Online

Will I Make Money Online

This is​ the​ number one question people ask when they are looking for profits on​ the​ internet. Will I make money online? 95% of​ the​ people who start to​ look for ways to​ make money online fail eventually. the​ classic story is​ - start looking for information then a​ flood of​ misleading information hits you​ and you​ drown. you​ will try this then try that but fail at​ all of​ them and soon you​ will quit. Just to​ find yourself in​ that old crumpy day job you​ wanted to​ run away from to​ begin with. Today I will try to​ stop this and do a​ little mind arranging and show you​ one door to​ success.

I am not intending to​ prattle here and waist your time,​ lets get directly to​ the​ point. Making money online is​ actually based on​ one simple very basic formula:

Find a​ hungry crowd-> Find what they want -> Give it​ to​ them

That’s it​ there you​ have it,​ in​ a​ nut shell the​ whole internet marketing big philosophy purified in​ one short sentence.

OK,​ you​ think to​ yourself this is​ real nice but how do I manage all this? I will give you​ one way,​ among endless ways,​ to​ your success today. But before that you​ must remember the​ most important thing in​ internet marketing: What ever it​ is​ you​ choose to​ do,​ keep doing it​ and doing it​ and doing it. Do not jump from one program to​ another program,​ failing them all. Choose one path and keep moving forward,​ for this is​ the​ only way you​ will ever,​ manage to​ make money online.

Now let’s break the​ formula into few basic steps you​ can start performing today.

Find a​ hungry crowed

You must find what people are searching for to​ be able to​ supply it. This is​ the​ “What should I sell online?” question everyone asks. Technically you​ can use search engines and find popular search terms – but remember to​ look for something people want but not too popular. Another way is​ using any free keyword suggestion tool,​ simply look for these exact words,​ to​ find what people are looking for online.

Find what they want

Now you​ now what people are looking for but what will you​ give them? Let’s say that you​ have found that people are looking for solution to​ some medical problem,​ you​ can give them information on​ how to​ solve their problem or​ products: pills,​ instruments,​ etc.
One more sample: if​ they are looking for ways to​ keep their dog from barking,​ give them a​ book which tells them exactly how they should train their dog. Finding what they want is​ all about finding specific solution to​ a​ certain problem.

Give it​ to​ them

Now you​ think: I have to​ look for what people need,​ find out what can solve their problem and then give it​ to​ them. But how will I find it? I don’t have it​ at​ home,​ or​ at​ my car. Should I start create solutions? Writing a​ book? Build a​ real sophisticated machine? No you​ don’t!!! This part is​ actually taken care for you,​ along with the​ entire customer handling.
The answer is​ Affiliates programs. They are free to​ join. And you​ will find almost any thing you​ can think of. They take care of​ creating,​ shipping,​ and customer support for you. All you​ need is​ to​ bring home the​ hungry crowd in​ because dinner is​ already served!

Will I Make Money Online

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