Will I Lose Weight After A Tummy Tuck

Will I Lose Weight After A Tummy Tuck

Will I ​ lose weight after a​ tummy tuck?
As a​ Los Angeles plastic surgeon,​ I ​ am frequently asked this questions by patients who see me for a​ tummy tuck. the​ answer is​ that many of​ patients start losing weight after undergoing abdominoplasty tummy tuck. There are several factors that contribute to​ that.

First,​ many patients report that after a​ tummy tuck they feel full faster when they eat than before surgery. This results from the​ fact that during abdominoplasty,​ the​ abdominal wall muscles are tightened with sutures. Tightening of​ the​ muscles reduces the​ intraabdominal capacity. Therefore,​ smaller amount of​ food in​ the​ stomach will cause the​ patients to​ feel full.

Many patients who underwent abdominoplasty find it​ easier to​ exercise after undergoing abdominoplasty as​ there is​ no excess skin hanging in​ the​ lower abdomen. the​ redundant abdominal skin and fat in​ some patients can be quite heavy. it​ has also been my observation that patients feel more motivated to​ exercise and follow a​ diet after surgery which is​ also very important for weight loss.

A tummy tuck in​ Los Angeles is​ frequently performed procedure. This procedure allows to​ remove excess abdominal fat and skin as​ well as​ tighten abdominal muscles. a​ tummy tuck allow to​ achieve a​ more flat appearing abdomen. it​ is​ common for a​ Los Angeles plastic surgeon to​ combine tummy tuck procedures with liposuction of​ flanks or​ other areas. Liposuction of​ flanks with a​ tummy tuck allows to​ better define the​ waist area. Visit my tummy tuck before and after section to​ view pictures of​ patients who underwent these procedures.

Will I Lose Weight After A Tummy Tuck

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