Wii Weight Loss Is It Possible To Drop Pounds With Wii Sports

Wii Weight Loss Is It Possible To Drop Pounds With Wii Sports

Wii weight loss is​ the​ concept of​ having fun while playing video games while losing weight. Usually this Wii weight loss is​ accompanied by calorie restriction in​ addition to​ the​ moderate exercise that Wii gaming offers. Several bloggers across the​ web have created very popular sites detailing their Wii weight loss. Most of​ them have done this using the​ Wii Sports video game that comes free with the​ purchase of​ the​ Nintendo Wii system.

Wii Weight Loss with Wii Sports

Wii Sports is​ a​ set of​ five different sports games that utilize the​ Wii Remote's unique motion-sensing skills to​ get the​ player off the​ couch and burning calories. Many advanced users on​ the​ web report that Wii Sports is​ incredibly fun to​ play for the​ first couple days you have it. Some more advanced gamers are not as​ happy with it​ overall,​ but the​ allure of​ Wii Sports is​ that it​ is​ good fun for the​ gamer and non-gamer alike. Wii Sports has captured the​ hearts of​ wives,​ grandmas,​ mothers,​ kids,​ as​ well as​ hardcore gamers and casual gamers. For many,​ Wii Sports is​ just the​ first game they will play on​ Wii as​ they get used to​ the​ motion sensor controller. After they tire of​ Wii Sports they move on​ to​ other games. Wii Sports includes golf,​ tennis,​ and baseball games,​ which act as​ a​ showcase for Wii remote’s sensor functionality. Some find the​ game insanely addictive. the​ game draws every player into the​ experience. Wii Sports is​ the​ first Nintendo Wii title to​ use the​ Mii Channel,​ a​ customizable channel where you can create your own avatars. Wii Sports is​ fun to​ play with amongst some friends using the​ multi player function.

Wii Weight Loss with Wii Sports Has Critics

Some critics find it​ difficult to​ get used to​ the​ fact that in​ Wii Sports your character automatically runs forward to​ hit the​ ball. Others remark that the​ Wii remote waving around isn't a​ realistic experience. if​ following the​ strides of​ annual big name sports titles that rely on​ depth and realism is​ your thing,​ then Wii Sports isn't what you're looking for.

Wii Weight Loss Success with Wii Sports

Here are some quotes of​ people who had Wii weight loss success:

This guy lost nine pounds in​ six weeks enthusiastically playing his Wii.

Mickey started out at​ 182 pounds,​ and after a​ month and a​ half of​ Wii workouts,​ whittled his weight down to​ 172 pounds,​ which he found quite amazing considering that this was the​ first substantial loss he had attained in​ over two years,​ and he never even cut back on​ the​ Eat ’N Park cookies (or similar).

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