Why You Should Take Part In A Writing Workshop

Why You Should Take Part In A Writing Workshop

Before you should decide whether or​ not taking part in​ a​ writing workshop is​ right for you and your writing you should first understand just what a​ writing workshop is.

A workshop is​ an​ educational format where an​ expert shares information on​ a​ focused topic over a​ short period of​ time. Some workshops are intended to​ be simply informative while others involve more hands-on activities. Today there are many options for enjoying a​ workshop: you can attend workshops in​ person,​ view them on​ television or​ tape,​ or​ participate in​ an​ online workshop.

So now that you know what a​ workshop is​ you can see how this format can readily be adapted for writers. Writing workshops can cover the​ basics of​ writing,​ writing challenges,​ topics related to​ publication and careers in​ writing,​ or​ specific research subjects. Some of​ these programs are featured as​ part of​ larger events,​ such as​ conferences,​ while some groups or​ individuals offer them as​ one-time events. Some organizations,​ institutes and educational programs offer workshops to​ their students or​ members while others open those workshops to​ the​ community at​ large.

Why would a​ writer want to​ attend a​ workshop? What benefit could it​ be?

Join the​ writing community. One of​ the​ strongest benefits you can receive from attending such a​ gathering is​ getting to​ know other writers. Writing is​ a​ solitary profession and can be very lonely. Enjoying the​ company of​ other writers and talking about writing with people who really understand your joys and worries can be wonderfully energizing to​ you personally as​ well as​ your writing. You can also make contacts that may lead to​ support and growth of​ your writing or​ perhaps even professional advancement. You never know when the​ friend you make today might be in​ a​ position to​ recommend you to​ an​ editor or​ publisher down the​ road.

Learn something new. No matter what level your writing career there are always lessons to​ be learned from other writers. Sometimes there are research strategies and shortcuts or​ perhaps it​ is​ a​ method for dealing with writer's block. You can learn market news and contacts as​ well as​ important information about reviewing contracts. Workshops are generally geared toward a​ specific genre or​ market niche and offer a​ wealth of​ specialized information depending on​ whether you write about crime or​ food.

Improve your craft. Generating new work or​ revising existing pieces is​ often a​ large part of​ attending a​ workshop. Sometimes you must bring something with you,​ create a​ project as​ part of​ the​ workshop or​ are inspired by the​ gathering itself. Sometimes talking with others or​ listening to​ the​ presenters causes you to​ suddenly rethink a​ stalled project or​ inspires a​ new one. Whatever the​ impetus there is​ definitely an​ increase in​ production after attending a​ workshop and that is​ the​ surest way to​ improve your word craft.

If you have not taken part in​ a​ writing workshop in​ the​ past then perhaps you might consider doing so in​ the​ near future so you can join the​ writing community,​ learn something new,​ and improve your craft.

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