Why You Should Focus On Quality Articles During Article Writing

Why You Should Focus On Quality Articles During Article Writing

A lot of​ website owners are now aware of​ the​ fact that writing articles and submitting them to​ major article directories like EzineArticles,​ Isnare,​ and GoArticles can go a​ long way to​ helping webmasters acquire one way links and get higher search engine rankings.

I’m not going to​ deny that links from these directories help. But getting links from them should not be the​ end goal; in​ fact it​ should only be your initial goal.

What you should actually be striving to​ accomplish is​ having your articles published on​ related websites. Those links look far more impressive to​ search engines like Google. an​ example to​ help clarify it​ for you – if​ you want to​ get a​ job as​ a​ carpenter and on​ your resume you only have one reference – who do you want,​ Bob Vila or​ the​ better known Michael Jordan. Bob Vila,​ of​ course,​ because he’s known for being in​ your industry.

The major mistake I see people making when writing articles or​ hiring others to​ write their articles is​ that they’re focusing on​ quantity,​ trying to​ put out as​ many articles as​ possible or​ hiring writers as​ cheaply as​ possible to​ mass produce articles. That’s a​ mistake – a​ MAJOR mistake.

It hurts you in​ multiple ways. First of​ all,​ real people read articles on​ the​ major article directories. You’ll get traffic to​ your site just for having articles on​ these sites just from people clicking your resource box links. However,​ if​ your article is​ full or​ errors or​ unhelpful,​ they’re not likely to​ visit your site. On the​ other hand,​ if​ your article contained information that was actually helpful to​ the​ reader,​ they’re far more likely to​ visit your site and spend their money there.

Second,​ if​ you’re putting out low quality articles,​ other webmasters are not going to​ want to​ republish your article on​ their site. I’ve visited a​ lot of​ sites where people put articles on​ them,​ and the​ good sites you desperately want the​ links from are not using the​ articles you had written for $5 each from a​ writer in​ India. They’re using the​ articles that were written by people who are experts on​ their subjects or​ articles that are clearly well thought out and written.

So do yourself a​ favor if​ you’re in​ the​ business of​ using articles to​ promote your site. Commit to​ only putting out quality work and only hiring quality writers. Yes,​ you’ll spend more time writing,​ or​ more money on​ your writers,​ but try it​ for six months and you’ll be sending me a​ big thanks.

Why You Should Focus On Quality Articles During Article Writing

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