Why You Have Not Made A Dime Investing In Real Estate Investing How To Make Money Fast

Why you​ Have Not Made a​ Dime Investing in​ Real Estate Investing & How to​ Make Money Fast!
Ok,​ so you​ haven't made a​ dime in​ Real Estate yet right? you​ want to​ be a​ Real Estate Investing Millionaire,​ but for some reason you​ can't seem to​ find good deals on​ houses .​
Well,​ I​ can tell you​ what your problem is.
You are doing all of​ the​ things that don't make you​ money in​ real estate! Going around with a​ Realtor,​ looking on​ the​ web,​ driving around nice neighborhoods looking for For Sale signs,​ telling a​ few people that you​ Buy Houses....it's a​ major waste of​ time.
That's just keeping yourself busy! Do you​ want to​ PLAY REAL ESTATE or​ do you​ want to​ be a​ Real Deal Real Estate Investor? If you​ don't want to​ do what it​ takes,​ do yourself a​ favor and go down to​ Toys R' Us pick up a​ game of​ Monopoly and call it​ a​ day .​
If you're more interested in​ the​ latter,​ then you​ need to​ listen up! Spend that time knocking on​ the​ doors of​ homeowners in​ foreclosure .​
Quit doing all of​ the​ Safe things like meeting with Realtors .​
That's why they're safe,​ because you're not going to​ make any money .​
If you​ don't put yourself out there...YOU'LL NEVER GET a​ DEAL!
What you're doing is​ looking for deals on​ houses & not looking for people that need their problems solved .​
No one sells their house at​ a​ serious discount unless they HAVE TO! Would you​ sell your house to​ me for 50 cents on​ the​ dollar because I'm a​ nice guy? Of course not,​ you​ worked hard for your home and you​ don't HAVE to​ .​
But if​ you​ had lost your job,​ were 30 days from losing your home,​ and I​ showed you​ how I​ could put immediate cash in​ your pocket,​ wouldn't you​ consider it?
As investors we buy houses from people that NEED to​ SELL,​ NOT PEOPLE THAT WANT to​ SELL .​
When you're dealing with a​ Realtor,​ 9 times out of​ 10 they're going to​ show you​ nice houses,​ owned by people that are in​ no urgent rush to​ sell .​
I​ hardly ever deal with Realtors .​
I'm not saying to​ completely alienate yourself from them .​
That would be foolish .​
Simply network with them,​ and let them know that if​ a​ killer deal comes along,​ you​ can close with cash quickly .​
Explain what you're looking for and that's when they will call you​ .​
I​ wouldn't go around looking at​ houses with them .​
Most Realtors are not trained to​ look for the​ types of​ deals that we're looking for .​
Actually,​ they'll probably tell you​ that it's NOT POSSIBLE to​ find the​ kinds of​ deals that we do.
There's a​ few things that you​ need to​ be looking for..THESE are the​ things that will lead you​ to​ the​ good deals that you're looking for:
1 .​
2 .​
Imprisonment or​ Court Costs
3 .​
Loss of​ Job - Foreclosures
4 .​
5 .​
6 .​
Job Transfer
7 .​
Bad Tenants - Contact Landlords who have filed evictions
Most of​ these types of​ people can be searched by looking through the​ public information on​ your local courthouse records .​
Depending on​ your location,​ most of​ the​ time these are available online .​
Situations like Loss Of Job would be discovered by looking through the​ foreclosures and knocking on​ their door .​
You need to​ focus your attention on​ people with these types of​ situations.
These people usually have serious issues that need to​ be solved .​
They at​ one time had the​ cash to​ pay for their mortgage and the​ expenses associated with it .​
Now due to​ circumstances beyond their control,​ things have been thrown out of​ whack and they need someone to​ get everything reorganized for them .​
That's your job...Solve their problem and you'll get a​ good deal.
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