Why Writing Articles Is Much Better Than Search Engine Optimization

Why Writing Articles Is Much Better Than Search Engine Optimization

This article is​ dedicated to​ those who are afraid to​ challenge themselves and go out on​ the​ edge and prove that if​ they can do it​ so can I.

While,​ no one manual can teach anyone affiliate marketing or​ how to​ market a​ business successfully online,​ there is​ one method that can.

And that is: the​ method of​ trial and error,​ where failure is​ not an​ option.

So with that said,​ I would like to​ prove without a​ doubt;
Why Writing Articles is​ Much Better Than Search Engine Optimization.

There is​ No Competition When it​ Comes to​ Writing Articles.

Do you know that one keyword rich article can bring you thousands of​ hits for years to​ come?
To discover this,​ I jumped into the​ article publishing business and started reading every article I could find on​ how to​ write and publish artilces online.

Well,​ this is​ not easy for newcomers,​ but I had to​ prove that if​ they could do it​ so could I. So,​ I wote my first article and kept checking the​ search engines. the​ increase in​ traffic grew steadily and my article started a​ life on​ it's own. That one article was being distributed all over the​ net.

I had absolutely no one competing with me only websites picking up my article and adding it​ to​ their article directories. My life as​ publisher began,​ and every week I wrote another article,​ getting more exposure for free.

Search Engine Optimization is​ For Experts,​ Articles Don't Have Changing Algorithm.

While Search Engine optimization is​ the​ best method for getting free traffic from the​ search engine,​ you have to​ be a​ SEO expert to​ remain in​ the​ top ten for highly competetive keywords. the​ search engines are constantly changing and updating their algorithm,​ making it​ more difficult to​ maintain top positions.

Now,​ with article writing on​ the​ hand,​ I don't worry about any algorithm changes,​ all I have to​ focus on​ is​ keyword rich content and quality information that readers will be happy to​ get their hands on.

You Don't Have to​ Exchange Links to​ Increase Your Ranking.

Would you believe me if​ I told you that your ranking will increase with all the​ back links you get from one top article.

Yes,​ it's true. if​ you can get one hot article online,​ you will be amazed to​ see how many article directories will post this article on​ high PR pages (yes,​ pages with PR6 or​ higher).
All these links will be pointing back to​ your site,​ giving you a​ boost in​ your ranking.

Now,​ as​ for Search Engine Optimization,​ you will have to​ come up with a​ great internet marketing strategy to​ get high PR sites to​ add your link to​ their site. You will have to​ do some Join venture deals or​ give them one of​ your own products for free,​ or​ just try plain old fashion email,​ and hope you will get a​ response.

All it​ Takes is​ a​ little About Box at​ the​ Bottom of​ Your Article.

This is​ often over looked by many affiliate marketing article publishers. You wrote such a​ great article and there is​ no link back to​ your website,​ so your name is​ spreading all over the​ Internet,​ but your sight is​ suffering from lack of​ traffic.

If your going to​ write articles,​ please don't ever forget to​ add your signature file in​ the​ about box. if​ they don't have one just append it​ to​ the​ end of​ your article. Make sure that the​ about box is​ allowing HTML,​ if​ not just add your website link.

I have to​ admit,​ that my first couple of​ articles got my name out there,​ but the​ about box had no link back to​ my site.

Now for Search Engine optimization,​ there are many factors you have to​ consider and I must admit that your better off purchasing a​ SEO-Book that will teach you the​ proper way to​ optimize your pages. Don't overlook this fact,​ but you need a​ little of​ both to​ make thing just perfect. So,​ Search Engine Optimization and Article writing go hand in​ hand.

Anyway,​ I do hope that you see the​ importance of​ article writing and that you will be bold enough to​ venture out into cyber space and publish your first article. it​ only takes one,​ to​ see the​ effect.

About the​ Author

Alexander Marlin,​ Ebenezer St. Maarten A.N.
Has been actively marketing on​ the​ Internet
for over 3 years,​ he knows how to​ build a​ web site using search engine optimization. One of​ his many websites can be found at​ http://how-to-build-website.com

Why Writing Articles Is Much Better Than Search Engine Optimization

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