Why Should You Be Writing For The Internet

I have been writing professionally for more than two decades. I have worked as​ a​ professional writer and editor for newspapers,​ books and magazines for local,​ regional,​ and international audiences. My primary financial support has always been either professional writing (or editing) or​ the​ teaching of​ writing. in​ fact,​ my initial foray into writing for the​ Internet was not intended to​ be a​ profitable venture but rather a​ way to​ express myself when I made the​ transition to​ teaching writing full-time. I knew that after decades of​ writing daily that I would need that outlet. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my hobby could actually earn more than my professional ventures? That is​ why I encourage my students and my writer friends to​ explore Internet writing for fun and profit. There are three good reasons for writers to​ spend at​ least a​ sizable chunk of​ their writing time writing for the​ Internet.

First,​ and foremost,​ if​ you are a​ writer then you need an​ audience. if​ you are reading this article then you know there is​ a​ huge audience accessing their reading material via the​ Internet. Unlike the​ reading audience of​ traditional printed materials,​ the​ Internet-reading audience is​ growing exponentially. More and more people are forgoing traditional newspapers,​ magazines,​ and books to​ subscribe to​ ezines,​ web pages,​ blogs,​ and RSS feeds. if​ you can find your audience on​ the​ Internet,​ then that is​ a​ very good reason to​ write for the​ web.

Another good reason for writers to​ transition to​ the​ web is​ that is​ where the​ money is​ today. While money can be made through the​ traditional avenues of​ publishing books,​ selling articles,​ or​ working as​ a​ writer for hire it​ is​ getting more and more difficult for established,​ proven writers to​ make a​ living and extremely difficult for newcomers to​ break in​ at​ a​ livable wage. However writers can start up their own business fast and cheap or​ work for hire to​ learn the​ ropes and build up their nest egg. Trying to​ do either of​ those things in​ the​ traditional publishing world will not find success.

Finally,​ or​ third,​ there is​ a​ niche for everyone on​ the​ Internet. Most traditional publishing methods are limited to​ a​ specific region due to​ the​ cost of​ printing and distribution. However neither is​ a​ consideration on​ the​ Internet,​ so writers can reach audiences around the​ globe. This means that what may seem a​ rather small niche (of say people who collect dachsund sweaters) may well find their audience is​ hundreds,​ thousands,​ or​ even millions. That means there is​ a​ need for articles and publications for these folks. as​ an​ avid dachsund sweater collector yourself you are an​ ideal writer for any publications currently serving this niche and if​ there aren't any then you have a​ wide-open field to​ start your own.

These three simple reasons should be enough for any writer to​ consider writing for the​ web. the​ Internet is​ a​ great place to​ break in​ and get started as​ a​ professional writer and the​ Internet is​ an​ even better place for the​ established pro to​ profit.

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