Why Short Hair Cuts Are Sexy

Why Short Hair Cuts Are Sexy!
Now,​ First of​ all,​ What is​ Hair Made of?
Hair is​ composed primarily of​ proteins 88%. These proteins are of​ a​ hard fibrous type known as​ keratin. Keratin protein is​ comprised of​ what we​ call polypeptide chains. the​ word,​ polypeptide,​ comes from the​ Greek word poly meaning many and peptos meaning digested or​ broken down. in​ essence,​ if​ we​ break down protein,​ we​ have individual amino acids.
Many amino acids joined together form a​ polypeptide chain. Two amino acids are joined together by a​ peptide bond,​ and the​ correct number of​ amino acids placed in​ their correct order will form a​ specific protein; i. e. keratin,​ insulin,​ collagen and so on.
Short Hair Cuts! Sexy Styles!
Short hair cuts reflect selfassurance,​ readiness to​ take new challenges! That is​ a​ definite turn on. Nobody wants to​ be the​ demure,​ boring and conservative type of​ gal! we​ want to​ be viewed as​ an individual who rises to​ the​ challenges of​ today’s society! and a​ sexy short cut says it​ all! Short hair shows you​ are cool,​ confident,​ in​ control,​ and too busy to​ spend hours fussing with your hair,​ because… there is​ so many more important things in​ life which we​ should be spending our time on!
Bobs are always a​ short hair style always in​ high hair fashion and can be custom cut and colored to​ enhance any type,​ texture or​ length of​ hair.
The right bob style,​ like a​ beveled bob,​ can also work with any face shape. Adjustments can be made to​ the​ fringe or​ bang area,​ length and layers to​ play up some features and minimize others.
Keeping Hair Moisturized
Hair normally has a​ moisture content of​ approximately 10%. if​ your hair’s moisture content drops below this level the​ key is​ to​ increase the​ hair’s ability of​ attract and retain moisture. This is​ accomplished by using moisturizers. Good one have humectants that not only replace lost moisture but actually attract moisture and retain it​ in​ the​ cortex of​ the​ hair. Essential fatty aids EFA’s are great moisturizers.
Regardless if​ you​ are growing out your layers between hair cuts or​ growing them out to​ one length on​ a​ more permanent basis,​ create texture in​ your tresses to​ instantly blend the​ layers into the​ rest of​ your style.
So,​ what are you​ waiting for? we​ urge you​ to​ find out more about the​ various sexy short hair styles and get one today! But before you​ go running off for​ your short crops,​ do find out more about what TYPE of​ short hair styles fits your fact features! Come and find out more! Find the​ style that suits your perfectly!

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