Why Online Marketing

Why Online Marketing
Back in​ 1986 I​ became interested in​ marketing and advertising quite by accident .​
I​ was employed by a​ major communications company and teaching computer classes .​
When a​ new product for analyzing the​ effectiveness of​ various advertising campaigns was installed,​ I​ was expected to​ learn the​ product and then teach the​ marketing gurus how to​ use it .​
I​ was fascinated with demographics and how campaigns were deployed .​
I​ considered changing my career and going back to​ school but got side tracked with a​ cross-country move .​
Let’s look at​ what I​ was considering then compared to​ what the​ market looks like now .​
My company was spending millions on​ advertising campaigns that were done on​ TV,​ in​ direct mail,​ flyers on​ door handles,​ inserts into the​ monthly bill,​ etc .​
All of​ these were the​ traditional form of​ advertising in​ the​ 1980’s .​
From what I​ saw of​ these advertising campaigns,​ there were more losers than there were successes .​
However,​ when the​ successes are huge,​ it​ masks the​ losses .​
Customers today are more savvy and are just plain tired of​ all the​ junk mail whether it​ paper or​ electronic .​

Online marketing,​ also called Internet Marketing,​ still uses demographics as​ well as​ several other factors to​ target the​ consumer .​
a​ major difference here can be in​ the​ dollar amount spent on​ these campaigns .​
in​ the​ early 1990s many businesses were creating commercial web sites that were simply online brochures and product catalogues .​
Customers would check out what they wanted but many were afraid to​ give credit card information online so they just placed the​ call instead .​
Because of​ the​ new encryption technology,​ customers feel more confident with online purchases .​
the​ number of​ internet users today is​ 1018 million or​ 15.7% of​ the​ world population .​
Compare that to​ August of​ 2001 when it​ was 513 million,​ 8.6% of​ the​ world population .​
That means it​ almost doubled in​ just a​ little over 4 years! If you​ like statistics (and I​ do) consider that Sweden has the​ highest percentage (73.6%) of​ their people on​ the​ internet and the​ United States is​ at​ 68.5% .​
If this does not get you​ excited about online marketing,​ I’m not sure what would.
Online marketing has a​ completely different set of​ tools it​ uses for marketing .​
Search engine marketing,​ joint ventures,​ opt-in emails,​ newsletters,​ etc .​
Each type of​ campaign can reach a​ different type of​ prospective client depending on​ how you​ decide to​ run the​ particular campaign .​
We will cover each of​ these in​ detail in​ our next article.
Many of​ the​ pioneers of​ online marketing who saw this potential are now exceedingly wealthy .​
If you​ check online,​ you’ll see that several of​ them are producing eBooks and eCourses that detail the​ secrets of​ internet success .​
Quite often these books and courses are distributed via download for free .​
With this kind of​ information available,​ there has never been a​ better time to​ start an​ online business .​
Here’s to​ your future success.

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