Why A Little Bit Of Marketing Does You Good Especially At Christmas

Why a​ Little Bit Of Marketing Does you​ Good,​ Especially At Christmas
My grandpa,​ who’s a​ Quaker,​ used to​ disapprove of​ the​ fact that I​ ventured into marketing,​ but he’s coming round to​ my way of​ thinking,​ even at​ the​ grand age of​ 92 .​
He is​ suspicious of​ marketing (in his mind - a​ term synonymous with extracting money from a​ gullible party,​ for the​ benefit of​ corporate greed) and doesn’t believe in​ profit,​ even though profit itself is​ not a​ bad thing.
I bring this issue up because in​ case you​ hadn’t noticed,​ it’s going to​ be Christmas soon and as​ usual any company which can exploit Christmas as​ a​ commercial theme is​ doing so .​
But before we exchange our Christmas wreath for cynicism on​ our front door,​ sometimes marketing can be beneficial and the​ creativity in​ marketing campaigns can be enjoyed by the​ consumer.
Take for instance (but not for instant) Starbucks Coffee Company,​ no longer is​ it​ just a​ coffee company! If you’re still refusing to​ do your Christmas shopping online,​ marketing executives at​ Starbucks have come up with a​ few ideas so that you​ can break the​ shopping up with interludes of​ Gingerbread Latte,​ Eggnog Latte or​ Toffee Nut Latte ( starbucks.co.uk/en-GB/_Favorite+Beverages/Christmas+Beverages.htm ) .​
You could even come back after the​ shopping and have a​ Chocolate Mint Bliss or​ Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino .​
If Marketing brings Gingerbread Lattes,​ then it’s got to​ be a​ good thing.
It’s not just the​ high street shops which are getting festive .​
Online stores are getting into the​ Christmas spirit too,​ even finance companies; the​ traditional residences of​ Scrooge type characters .​
Moneynet,​ a​ personal finance information research specialist,​ has brought out a​ Christmas finance guide ( www.moneynet.co.uk/christmas-savings-guide/index.shtml ),​ with a​ range of​ money-saving tips to​ help the​ innocent consumer navigate their way past loan sharks who feed on​ the​ financial difficulties of​ certain families,​ particularly at​ Christmas.
But lets not dwell on​ the​ doom and gloom,​ lets think about the​ children,​ what’s marketing doing for them? Well… the​ Early Learning Centre has developed a​ special Christmas section ( www.elc.co.uk/category-720 ) on​ its website to​ inspire parents,​ grandparents and relatives with ideas of​ suitable gifts for the​ children .​
If your daughter is​ more into Stevie Wonder than Golden Wonder,​ then she might be impressed with the​ Pink Keyboard And Stool; though remember,​ musical toys last for years not just for Christmas,​ it’s your sanity at​ stake.
But Christmas isn’t just for the​ kids,​ it’s for the​ big kids too .​
Justtoys is​ a​ site which sells toys for parents,​ buying toys for their children .​
If my parents are reading this,​ or​ even my colleagues,​ I​ quite fancy the​ Radio Control Dalek www.justtoys.com/toy.asp/Toy/33/buy/radio-control-dalek.htm which offers seven phrases triggered by buttons on​ the​ remote control,​ 360 degree on​ the​ spot rotational movement and the​ Dome and Eyestalk move from side to​ side as​ it​ moves .​
Beats slippers and writing paper any day.
Marketing and commercial competition has also made a​ fantastic choice available on​ the​ internet and it​ gives us ideas,​ when we’ve run out of​ inspiration ourselves .​
So whilst we need to​ remain sceptical about advertising,​ there are some advantages to​ profit investment …
and Starbucks Chocolate Mint Bliss is​ one of​ them.

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