Why Laser Hair Removal

Why Laser Hair Removal?
For nearly 10 years now,​ medical lasers have been used for​ such things as​ tattoo removal,​ clearing up acne scars and other blemishes,​ and removing dark spots on​ the​ skin. Now they are increasing being approved by the​ FDA and
used for​ such things as​ wrinkle removal,​ tooth whitening,​ and hair removal.
Is it​ really permanent? Many laser hair removal providers tout their processes as​ ¡°painless¡± or​ ¡°permanent. ¡± the​ FDA says there must be enough evidence to​ support those claims and it​ is​ actually giving some manufacturers
authorization to​ state ¡°permanent hair reduction¡± but not ¡°removal. ¡± Be careful if​ you​ select a​ provider who says their process is​ permanent and painless. if​ you​ have the​ manufacturer and model number of​ the​ laser,​ you​ can directly call or​ write the​ FDA to​ see if​ they have approval for​ medical use.
Still,​ laser hair removal can be a​ great option for​ anyone wanting to​ remove unwanted hair from anywhere on​ their bodies. it​ works for​ both men and women,​ and is​ more effective if​ the​ hair is​ noticeably darker than the​ skin.
How does it​ work? as​ laser light passes through the​ skin,​ it​ is​ converted to​ heat and is​ absorbed by the​ pigment melanin in​ the​ hair follicle,​ effectively disabling the​ follicle itself and thus preventing further growth. Some clinical trials have been successful in​ preventing hair regrowth for​ up to​ two years,​ making laser hair removal one of​ the​ longestlasting hair removal methods.
There are a​ number of​ advantages of​ laser hair removal over other forms of​ hair removal such as​ waxing,​ sugaring,​ depilatory creams,​ tweezing,​ etc. for​ one,​ the​ procedure is​ noninvasive,​ and does not require creams or​ needles. Another benefit is​ that the​ light beams can move quickly,​ and effectively treat larger areas in​ a​ small amount of​ time. And Don't forget the​ longterm results.
Although most insurance policies will not cover laser hair removal procedures,​ it​ pays to​ shop for​ price as​ well as​ methodology. the​ American Society for​ Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported an average single treatment cost around $388. Many areas require multiple treatments to​ gain the​ maximum benefit,​ so the​ cost can add up. That should be weighed against the​ cost of​ alternative methods of​ hair
removal which would have to​ be done more frequently.
If you​ suffer from unwanted hair,​ that hair is​ dark,​ and your skin is​ at​ least a​ few shades lighter than your hair,​ you​ should look into this longlasting hair removal method.

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