Why Is Weight Loss So Hard

Weight loss is​ a​ common problem millions of​ Americans today struggle with. Very few Americans have been successful at​ losing a​ desired amount of​ weight.

The main problem is​ that most cannot stick to​ the​ designated program. For instance,​ a​ general weight loss program includes both diet as​ well as​ exercise. Most of​ the​ time an​ individual trying to​ lose weight will at​ least attempt one of​ these. Often times what happens is​ that the​ exercise may be too strenuous for that person since they must have lacked exercise for so long going back to​ why they are in​ such shape.

Another perspective is​ the​ diet. Most people looking to​ lose weight are usually in​ this pandemic because of​ eating not only food with high amounts of​ sugars and fats,​ but also food in​ high quantities of​ these fats ans sugars. This becomes a​ significant problem because changing old habits for anyone is​ such a​ difficult process especially in​ America since you can’t walk two feet out your door without seeing a​ McDonald’s.

So in​ the​ end dieting or​ weight loss in​ general is​ such a​ difficult process because of​ the​ extreme new “way of​ life” you would have to​ adapt to. a​ recent statistic said that of​ those who fail to​ reach an​ ideal weight goal in​ a​ diet actually gain more weight trying the​ diet rather then losing.

the​ reason for this is​ once you “give in,​” you start “binge eating” meaning you eats almost everything in​ site with no restrictions. This is​ a​ one negative impact of​ dieting viewed by many. of​ course most researchers/doctors say diet and exercise are essential for a​ healthy life,​ whether losing weight or​ not.
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