Why Giving Away FREE Ebooks Can Create A Viral Marketing Explosion

I use them and I am sure you​ have read them as​ well. I am talking about ebooks and there is​ one to​ cover just about any subject you​ can think of.

How can ebooks help market your business and website?

Using Ebooks as​ a​ FREE give away,​ bonus offer,​ or​ even to​ give other webmasters the​ writes to​ give them away can cause a​ viral marketing affect that can be a​ powerful part of​ your SEO Internet Marketing campaign.

There are many places online to​ list your ebooks for free like ebook distribution websites as​ well as​ giving them away as​ a​ free bonus gift for a​ email subscription on​ your own website.

Now the​ first thing you​ may want to​ do in​ the​ ebook development process is​ to​ include your website address,​ live link to​ your website and even list a​ small ad on​ every ebook page. Leave contact information like an​ email address,​ business phone number or​ whatever other information you​ want to​ supply in​ order to​ receive leads from your ebooks.

I allow others,​ who receive my ebooks to​ sell them for a​ profit,​ include them in​ a​ bundle of​ other ebooks or​ give them away as​ a​ bonus on​ their websites. Let other webmasters do your Internet Marketing for you​ by providing your ebooks to​ their visitors.

One simple 7 to​ ten-page ebook can generate a​ viral marketing affect that has a​ long lasting return in​ traffic to​ your website. as​ the​ ebook spreads across the​ internet it​ creates valued buzz marketing that can get your brand tremendous visibility.

Going back to​ Ebook distribution sites,​ you​ can submit your ebook to​ hundreds of​ FREE ebook sites once again creating Viral Marketing. Imagine the​ impact to​ your traffic by using these distribution sites to​ promote and pass on​ your ebooks in​ their directories.

Build your brand through ebooks and build a​ professional label for your business. Go one step further and sell your ebooks yourself for another income stream and at​ the​ same time producing Internet Marketing for your website that could spread like wild fire.

Note: Be sure to​ include reselling rights clearly in​ your ebooks so the​ recipient can start the​ Buzz Marketing,​ Viral Marketing process with out any miss understandings and delays.

Most ebooks can be created very easily either in​ PDF or​ some other Ebook writing software,​ some are FREE.

Start writing your instruction books,​ tutorials,​ how to,​ stories,​ or​ what ever and open up a​ new Internet Marketing avenue.

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