Why Care About Home Maintenance

Why Care About Home Maintenance?
The home is​ one of​ the most important investments that people always make in​ life, so home maintenance is​ very importanat .​
It will be good for​ us to​ care for​ this​ great investment that we have made .​
Preventive maintenance will be good for​ home owners .​
Than to​ stay like that, later you​ start spending your​ money and​ time for​ maintaining your​ home .​
So it​ will be better for​ you​ the home owner to​ employer a​ professional for​ maintenance, so that he or​ she will look at​ your​ your​ home from time to​ time .​
Preventive maintenance of​ your​ home will make you​ avoid repairs, reduce energy consumption, time wasted, and​ it​ will also extend the life span of​ your​ home.
The regular inspection​ or​ monitoring of​ your​ home by a​ contractor or​ a​ real estate professional agent for​ home maintenance, with whom you​ have arrange with to​ be inspecting your​ roof​ from leakages, walls from cracks, etc .​
is​ a​ good, so that, any fault realized it​ will be repaired immediately .​
Than to​ allow your​ home without regular inspection, later on​ go for​ the buying of​ materials in​ large quantities, which will be so expensive for​ you​ the home owner.
It is​ easy to​ carry out regular inspection​ and​ maintenance .​
Some components or​ equipments need more or​ less frequent inspection​ .​
if​ maintenance is​ done in​ any part of​ your​ home, it​ will be better that note should be taken where the repairs were done and​ when it​ was done .​
So that, proper care should be taken .​
Home owners should make sure they look for​ professional home maintenance inspectors, than to​ be doing the job themselves.
for​ the general inspection​ of​ the outer parts of​ the home (Exterior).
1) The roof​ should be inspected for​ damages and​ missing shingles .​
Electrical cables should be well insulated if​ they are passed on​ the roof​ .​
Tree branches should be cut from the roof​ .​
and​ the supports of​ television​ antennas and​ satellite dishes should be checked.
2) Gutters and​ Downspout should be checked for​ blockage and​ leakage due to​ rust .​
Downspout seam should be checked.
3) Walls should be inspected, if​ there are cracks and​ separating .​
and​ wall built with wood should be inspected for​ loose or​ damage boards.
4) The foundations should be inspected if​ there are cracks on​ it.
5) Doors and​ Windows should be checked, if​ they need any replacement of​ glasses or​ door lock.
6) The chimney should be inspected for​ broken bricks or​ loose mortar joins .​
if​ it​ is​ a​ metal chimney it​ should be inspected for​ rust and​ missing rain​ cap
The electrical connections should be inspected always by an​ electrician, so, as​ to​ avoid current leakages .​
The main​ panel should be checked always if​ all the fuses are in​ place and​ if​ the correct ratings of​ the fuses are used .​
The earth cables should be inspected if​ there are grounded .​
and​ loose cables should be connected to​ their rightful terminals.
A technician should be in​ place that will check the cooling/heating system of​ the house when the season​ comes from leakages .​
All other heating or​ cooling equipments in​ the house should be checked for​ damages or​ leakage.
A plumber should always inspect the pipes for​ leakages .​
The drainage system of​ the house should be inspected to​ avoid blockages .​
Toilets should be checked properly.
All this​ information​ about the maintenance of​ different faults that may occur in​ you​ home should be done by a​ competent technician, who is​ specialist in​ that field.

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