Why Add Decor To Your Garden

Why Add Decor To Your Garden

Looking back through history, gardens have always been emphasized. From the Garden of​ Eden to​ modern times, writers have placed the principal characters of​ their stories and​ sometimes the most exciting events in​ gardens. Romantic interludes in​ garden arbors or​ in​ shady nooks are a​ common​ occurrence.

One does not, however, have to​ be a​ writer to​ envision​ a​ restful, romantic and​ beautiful garden. in​ today’s over-developed suburban landscapes, the land​ is​ scalped, trees are removed, and​ the natural vegetation​ is​ destroyed, to​ be replaced by manicured lawns, demanding unlimited water and​ polluting chemicals.

Professional landscapers frequently continue this​ trend, replacing native trees with exotics. Fortunately, there are native plant societies which can give good advice about plants for​ each planting zone, and​ law makers are beginning to​ realize that the destruction​ of​ the native vegetation​ allows unwanted plants to​ take over. in​ Florida this​ has happened with the incredible incidence of​ Brazilian Pepper trees.

A shady tree, a​ garden bench, a​ beautiful birdbath and​ a​ tinkling wind chime make for​ a​ pleasant place to​ spend an​ afternoon, and​ with the addition​ of​ a​ solar lantern, a​ setting for​ a​ romantic evening interlude. Statuettes and​ a​ waterfall also add to​ the ambience. for​ a​ relatively small investment and​ some good planning, a​ suburban tract can become an​ artistic haven for​ both humans and​ small wildlife. Decorate your​ garden and​ add to​ the enjoyment of​ nature.

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