When Your Product Makes People Feel Great You Make Money

When Your Product Makes People Feel Great,​ you​ Make Money!
Weve all heard about the​ importance of​ offering a​ product or​ service that is​ a​ good value .​

The better the​ value,​ the​ more sales you​ will make and​ the​ more money you​ will earn.
Sometimes good value can be based on​ a​ low price,​ or​ finding an​ otherwise hardtofind product or​ service .​

Good value can have more to​ do with customer service or​ service after the​ sale.
But how about this one the​ best value comes from a​ product or​ service that makes you​ FEEL good .​

Think about it​ for a​ minute.
McDonalds and​ Burger King became restaurant giants not so much because they produced food at​ ​ low prices,​ but because customers felt good when they ate there .​

Those companies earned some of​ the​ largest fortunes in​ the​ world based on​ the​ simple principle that millions of​ people had a​ good time and​ really enjoyed themselves when they visited their restaurants.
There are a​ lot of​ products or​ services that provide a​ good value,​ but the​ ones that make us FEEL GOOD are the​ ones well buy time and​ time again.
When you​ search for a​ new business opportunity or​ new product or​ service to​ sell,​ consider how the​ product makes people feel .​

Does it​ give them a​ energetic lift? Does it​ boost their spirits? Do they feel good after using your product or​ service?
Answer yes to​ those things,​ and​ youre well on​ your way to​ earning nice,​ consistent profits.
Also make sure your product or​ service is​ unique .​

Yes,​ there may be other products in​ the​ same category,​ but make sure yours is​ different from the​ others in​ important ways .​

it​ can me more potent,​ more powerful,​ less expensive,​ more natural,​ or​ a​ host of​ other positive factors.
Emotion is​ probably the​ most effective factor in​ marketing .​

Sell a​ product or​ service that affects customers health,​ mood,​ and​ general well being and​ youll have a​ winner.

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