When Marketing Goes Viral

When Marketing Goes Viral

Viral marketing is​ an​ extremely appealing concept to​ many marketers. Whether it​ is​ online or​ offline viral marketing we refer to,​ it​ is​ the​ very concept of​ having your product or​ service trip off the​ tongue of​ all would-customers without having to​ spend a​ small fortune. in​ practice,​ the​ reality is​ a​ little different. Companies and websites can try for campaign after campaign to​ create something that goes viral but unless they really hit on​ something unique and appealing,​ it​ won't happen.

Something Unique

There is​ no 5-step plan to​ viral marketing success because it​ will take something wholly unique and very unusual to​ leave a​ real mark in​ the​ minds of​ consumers. Not only do you​ want them to​ view,​ enjoy,​ and remember your advertising,​ you​ want them to​ be so moved by the​ content that they pass it​ round to​ everybody they know. Don't be downhearted by this,​ though,​ because viral marketing does exist and it​ is​ possible to​ take advantage.

Social Networking

The key point to​ any successful viral marketing campaign is​ social networking. the​ entire concept is​ based on​ the​ premise that people communicate with one another. if​ a​ person sees something they interesting,​ informative,​ humorous,​ or​ emotional,​ they may forward it​ to​ other people with similar interests. When this happens you​ have the​ very beginning of​ a​ viral marketing campaign.

Online Social Networking Tools

On the​ Internet,​ much of​ the​ social networking has already been done for you. Social networking and bookmarking sites,​ as​ well as​ video and image sharing websites,​ provide the​ ideal framework to​ a​ successful viral marketing campaign. Having an​ article,​ for example,​ published on​ sites like Digg can generate hundreds or​ even thousands of​ visitors to​ your website in​ a​ very short space of​ time. Having your video listed on​ the​ “most popular” page of​ video sharing websites can also provide a​ mass of​ traffic.

Causing a​ Stir

Viral marketing needs to​ spark a​ reaction of​ some sort to​ become popular. it​ must also be related to​ the​ service or​ product that you​ offer,​ otherwise it​ may garner your pages with visitors,​ but these visitors will not be inclined to​ take any desired action while on​ your site. Ensuring the​ best possible ROI on​ any marketing campaign means finding targeted visitors that are more inclined to​ make a​ purchase.

A Gentle Push

Word of​ mouth and referrals have long been a​ source of​ customers for offline businesses. Unfortunately,​ Internet users are less likely to​ boast about useful sites they've found without a​ push in​ the​ right direction. Providing links to​ Email a​ page or​ a​ link to​ a​ friend,​ or​ tell a​ friend can go some way toward this but you​ still need to​ provide the​ viral content.

Turning Your Customers And Competitors Into Your Sales Team

Video,​ audio,​ written,​ and email marketing are the​ most common forms of​ viral marketing. if​ you​ can create something of​ real value and then begin to​ spread the​ word within your industry there is​ a​ very high likelihood that the​ rest of​ the​ marketing will be done for you. Other sites will link to​ the​ product or​ item,​ and you​ will begin to​ cause a​ natural buzz from people interested in​ your topic. It's even possible to​ attain links from sites that are naturally your competitors.

The Bottom Line on​ Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can create large amounts of​ traffic over a​ short time. a​ website must be established and ready to​ convert visitors into sales before this happens,​ because the​ viral marketing flush of​ success can prove to​ be short lived. However,​ it​ can prove to​ be an​ inexpensive source of​ traffic for your site.

When Marketing Goes Viral

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