What You Must Account For When Writing Emotional B2b Sales Copy

What You Must Account For When Writing Emotional B2b Sales Copy

Emotions. we​ all have them. And as​ marketers we’re all taught that you have to​ appeal to​ your prospect’s emotions in​ order to​ get your most-wanted response. When you’re selling B2C products like health supplements and consumer newsletters,​ this is​ absolutely the​ true. But in​ the​ B2B world,​ it’s not quite so simple. Here’s why…

B2B Buyers Have Conflicting Emotions

True,​ the​ B2B buyer has emotions just like the​ average consumer. Only when you get her over the​ edge from “I need it” to​ “I want it” will she make a​ buying decision.

However,​ she is​ sitll an​ employee of​ her company. She must take into account her company’s needs when making a​ decision to​ purchase your B2B product or​ service. And her company’s needs don’t always jibe with her own. Here’s an​ example of​ what I’m talking about.

Let’s say Sarah is​ a​ software development manager with a​ medium-sized consulting firm. the​ programmers that report to​ Sarah make changes to​ the​ underlying software architecture without informing their supervisors. This causes broken builds and missed deadlines. Sarah’s boss has told her she needs to​ buy a​ change management system for her company.

Sarah knows she these probelms have to​ stop and a​ change management system will help. She has investigated her options and is​ leaning toward the​ market leader in​ the​ change management space. It’s got all the​ features her company needs and long track record of​ past success stories.

There’s just one problem…

You Cannot Neglect a​ Business Buyer’s Personal Needs

While this solution is​ very feature-rich,​ it​ requires about 3-4 hours a​ day for maintenance and administration. Sarah knows her company cannot afford to​ hire a​ full time change management person,​ so the​ administrative burden will undoubtedly fall on​ her.

Sarah just had a​ baby earlier this year and already doesn’t get to​ see much of​ her family. Her job is​ too demanding and overtime-intensive. This causes her to​ seek other options that might not require such an​ extra duty,​ but she just doesn’t see any other products that meet her company’s change management needs.

Are you beginning to​ see why the​ B2B sale becomes so complex?

Selling to​ a​ prospect’s emotions is​ very important. But B2B sales prospects have two sets of​ buying needs that don’t always dovetail with one another. You must address both if​ you are to​ maximize your chances to​ sell big-ticket B2B products and services.

That’s why it’s important that you hire a​ B2B copywriter to​ understand this dichotomy and can address both sets of​ needs. Business,​ as​ well as​ personal. Very few copywriters can do both in​ the​ same promotion with an​ equal degree of​ skill. So when you find one who can,​ hang on​ to​ him: he’s worth his weight in​ gold.

We’ll talk more about meeting the​ B2B buyer’s business needs while addressing his personal concerns and emotions in​ a​ future post,​ so keep your feedreader pointed right here at​ ericlynchcopywriter.com.

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