What Type Of Fillings Can I Use In My Cake Decorating

What Type of​ Fillings Can I​ Use in​ My Cake Decorating
Many people feel that cake filling can be difficult to​ maintain​ .​
if​ done right, you​ can make a​ beautiful filled cake, without too much drama.
Cake filling flavors need to​ compliment one another, chocolate with orange, hazelnuts, or​ almonds
Some cakes will not hold up well without refrigeration​ .​
Mousse and​ whipped cream can separate, get soggy and​ drip .​
Berries can get soggy and​ drip everywhere .​
Buttercream needs to​ be kept in​ a​ cool place so the frosting wont separate .​
Cakes covered with fondant should be kept at​ room temperature and​ never be refrigerated.
if​ you​ are using fresh berries or​ whipped cream as​ a​ filling, make sure the cake will be eaten within​ a​ few hours .​
if​ these things are on​ the cake too long .​
if​ you​ are going to​ prepare a​ cake a​ couple of​ days in​ advance, you​ may want to​ use simple syrup or​ a​ flavor wash on​ the cake layers to​ keep the level of​ moisture up, before you​ add your​ filling.
Keep in​ mind the dietary restrictions of​ your​ guests .​
Make sure there is​ no conflict when you​ are decorating a​ cake for​ special occasions, or​ for​ a​ client .​
if​ diabetics are present, you​ might want to​ make or​ purchase a​ small dessert that is​ sugar free for​ these guests.
When you​ are making a​ cake for​ an​ occasion​ that is​ serving other food, make your​ flavors stronger and​ your​ colors brighter .​
this​ will make the cake stand​ out and​ your​ cake decorating will be something they will remember.
Cake Filling Ideas
- Buttercream icing flavors- Mocha, Orange, Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon, and​ extra Almond extract.
- Any variety of​ jam.
- Mocha buttercream with a​ sprinkle of​ finely chopped heath bars, or​ with caramel sauce dribbled over the cake and​ sprinkled with chopped peanuts.
- Whipped cream, Chocolate Mousse, and​ Vanilla Custard.
- Almond, Lemon, Coffee, Raspberry, Hazelnut, or​ orange liqueur can be brushed on​ the cake before icing, for​ a​ flavor boost.
- Davinci Flavored Syrups are great for​ a​ flavor enhancer that is​ non-alcoholic .​
These syrups come in​ over 100 flavors .​
- To combat the problem of​ cake filling oozing out of​ the sides of​ the cake, try this​ .​
Use a​ jam that is​ all fruit (Polaner), Heat the entire jar in​ the microwave without the lid .​
After 30 seconds the jam should be warm and​ liquid .​
Stir a​ small package of​ Jello that is​ the same flavor of​ the jam.
this​ will intensify the flavor of​ the jam, and​ best of​ all, once it​ is​ spread on​ the first layer and​ left alone for​ a​ few minutes, the jam will set .​
The second layer can be put on​ the cake without fear of​ spill-over .​
you​ may want to​ set the first layer into the freezer for​ about 15 minutes to​ make the jam set better .​
this​ jam can be kept in​ the fridge and​ heated the next time you​ want to​ fill a​ cake .​
Don't keep it​ too long though.

you​ can also make a​ dam of​ buttercream around the edge of​ the cake to​ keep the filling where it​ is​ supposed to​ be .​
this​ way your​ icing will not become stained by the filling and​ your​ decorated cake will remain​ beautiful.

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