What Topics Should Your Article Writing Campaign Cover

You are convinced that article marketing will work wonders for your internet business,​ but are not sure what topics you should write about in​ those articles. What should be your focus?

There are some easy ways to​ help you choose a​ direction and topic for your articles. These include:

· What do your customers need to​ know: Think about some common questions that your customers or​ potential customers ask or​ what aspects of​ your particular business confuse the​ newcomers. For example,​ perhaps you have an​ online pet store. You might write articles addressing such topics as​ how to​ prepare your home for a​ new puppy (cat,​ bird,​ fish,​ etc.),​ what supplies you need to​ welcome home a​ new cat,​ how to​ choose a​ vet or​ even how to​ know when you need a​ vet. Don't try to​ sell here. Just provide important and useful information and you will gain interest and respect which will in​ turn result in​ far more customers than a​ direct sales approach.

· Check out some forums where people interested in​ your topic visit and post questions: What are some common questions and topics that are addressed. Look at​ novice users and expert users alike. Write different articles to​ address each audience.

· What do you wish you knew when you started out: Write a​ series of​ articles addressing topics that you now understand but wish you did in​ the​ beginning.

· Do a​ keyword search: Use a​ keyword research tool and search for keywords related to​ your topic. Use these keywords or​ searches as​ the​ springboard for articles in​ your niche.

You really can write articles about anything that interests you or​ strikes your fancy,​ but the​ most effective article marketing campaign for your business will be built around content-rich,​ keyword-targeted articles of​ interest to​ your core audience of​ potential customers.

Remember,​ you are not only working to​ obtain links but also to​ set yourself up as​ an​ expert in​ this field and to​ build a​ long-term relationship with customers so not only will you make a​ sale today,​ but tomorrow and next week and next year. That is​ how you build an​ internet business.

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