What Too Much Color Can Do To Your Hair

What Too Much Color Can Do to​ Your Hair
Sure,​ we​ all want to​ change our look every once in​ a​ while and sometimes that involves changing our hair color also. But there are a​ few adventurous souls that have taken changing their hair color to​ a​ whole new level with frequent colorings leaving their hair lifeless and damaged beyond repair.
While there are many professional hair coloring systems out there that only cause minimal damage to​ hair,​ many people still insist on​ buying hair color from department stores so that they can apply it​ at​ home. in​ many cases,​ this type of​ hair color causes extreme damage and if​ you​ use it​ too often,​ it​ could turn into a​ nightmare.
You see,​ hair color is​ a​ chemical that changes the​ structure of​ your hair. Each time you​ color,​ the​ outside layer of​ your hair is​ raised so that color can be pushed into the​ hair strand. With each subsequent coloring,​ this outside layer finds it​ more and more difficult to​ close to​ its natural and healthy position.
It is​ this layer that first takes the​ brunt of​ hair color damage. it​ is​ also this layer that is​ responsible for​ the​ shine and vibrancy of​ your hair color. if​ you​ color too much,​ you​ will first notice a​ dull or​ dry appearance coming from the​ roughened up outer layer of​ your hair strand.
In addition to​ making your hair look healthy and shiny,​ the​ outside layer or​ cuticle layer is​ also responsible for​ holding your color in. Once it​ refuses to​ close properly,​ your color will start to​ fade and over time,​ become completely washed out. Trying to​ color your hair again,​ will only be a​ temporary fix with the​ color always seeping out of​ the​ damaged areas.
If you​ ignore all of​ these damage signals and continue to​ color your hair,​ you​ will eventually break down the​ entire make up of​ your hair strands. at​ best,​ hair will become brittle and break. at​ worst,​ it​ will turn into mush and disintegrate right before your eyes.
To keep all of​ these dire hair color consequences from becoming reality,​ be sure to​ leave enough time in​ between colors for​ your hair to​ recuperate. Try not to​ do any drastic color changes for​ at​ least 6 months unless your hair is​ short. Also,​ do not color your hair from root to​ tip for​ each and ever color touch up. Color the​ roots only so that you​ can avoid further damage to​ the​ ends. And get those trims when you​ need them.

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