What To Remember When Writing Ad Copies

Before you write down that very first word in​ your ad copy,​ especially if​ it’s for your advertising newsletter,​ be sure to​ read the​ following tips to​ help you develop the​ right and proper message in​ your marketing tool.

Always remember to​ write carefully.
This means that when writing your piece,​ be very careful of​ what you’ll say in​ your ad copy. Once something is​ written,​ it​ is​ very hard to​ take it​ back. This is​ the​ reason why lawyers always put everything in​ black and white. a​ written statement always stands in​ court. And it​ is​ always more tangible than any verbal declaration. Hence,​ writers should always be careful to​ avoid creating mistakes in​ their spelling,​ grammar,​ punctuation and word usage. One wrong word can mean a​ whole document of​ errors and misinterpretation.

A Sense of​ Style.
Style can go a​ long way in​ making yourself easily understood by your target readers. But style can also make your message ambiguous and prone to​ numerous misconceptions of​ your intent. Thus,​ when you write using a​ unique and creative style,​ you have to​ steer clear of​ jargons and slang words,​ first and foremost. You have to​ understand that everyone,​ even the​ common guy,​ should be able to​ comprehend your message. Using jargon and slang words can often confuse rather than explain your message further. Try not to​ use abbreviations unless you’ve defined it​ beforehand,​ and never use symbols if​ you can help it. Clichés should also be avoided.

Proofread,​ proofread,​ and proofread!
Writing your ad copy is​ not complete without proofreading the​ whole lot. Checking it​ thoroughly at​ the​ end of​ your copy will help you straighten out any creases and correct errors,​ and even change some of​ the​ ideas presented.

When you proofread be sure to​ check the​ spelling and the​ grammar especially with the​ help of​ your computer. But do not leave the​ editing to​ your computer; double check everything as​ computers do tend to​ be unreliable. And make sure that everything is​ clear and concise,​ to​ avoid being misinterpreted with your message.

And remember to​ always provide short,​ precise and clear copy that gets to​ the​ point. Your target readers do not have the​ time to​ sift through all that unnecessary words just to​ get to​ your message. Do not waste their time and you’ll surely make a​ good impression on​ them.

A Few More Tips…
- Emphasize with brackets.
- Correctly spell the​ names of​ persons and companies.
- When you use a​ direct quote or​ text,​ be sure to​ place quotation marks around them,​ as​ well as​ on​ the​ titles of​ publications that you got the​ quote from.
- And as​ always,​ keep your ad copy short and clear. Short sentences are way better than a​ long and winding copy.

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