What To Look For In Moving Quotes

What To Look For In Moving Quotes

What to​ look for​ in​ Moving Quotes?
1 .​
Actual weight of​ the shipment or​ labor time- The final charges on​ interstate relocation​ will normally be based on​ the actual weight of​ the shipment, whether it​ is​ more or​ less than the estimated weight .​
The quote that you​ receive should be based on​ an​ onsite estimate (unless waived) or​ a​ list of​ items that you​ wish to​ move .​
Anything that will be added or​ taken off the list will affect the price .​
The final charges will be based on​ the actual weight of​ the items to​ be shipped .​
Be sure to​ check what the charge per any additional pound is, as​ it​ may be different than the basic charge the quote is​ calculated by.
on​ intrastate relocations the charge is​ usually based on​ the actual time of​ the move with a​ specified minimum of​ hours and​ a​ travel time or​ truck fee that covers the driving time from the moving company’s facility to​ your​ origin​ address and​ back .​
Check what the minimum charge is​ for​ the hours, if​ the travel time is​ fixed or​ actual, what would be the charge per hour over the estimated time and​ what increments of​ time you​ are charged by .​
you​ may be offered a​ flat fee for​ the move, usually based on​ an​ inventory list .​
Make sure the quote specifically indicates that the charge is​ a​ flat fee and​ find out what the charge per any additional item would be.
2 .​
Packing materials- you​ will usually have two options for​ packing:
Full packing- The carrier (moving company) packs everything for​ you​ and​ is​ responsible to​ provide all the necessary packing materials .​
All the packing materials and​ packing labor should be included in​ the price .​
Make sure that the charge is​ not calculated separately for​ the packing charges rather than a​ price per pound (interstate) or​ price per hour (intrastate), as​ that means that your​ cost will depend on​ the actual use of​ packing materials.
No packing- you​ are expected to​ pack everything yourself and​ the mover will usually only provide moving pads/blankets to​ protect your​ furniture .​
Some companies will require specific packing for​ certain​ items, such as​ shrink wrap for​ fabric, bubble for​ glass etc .​
some movers will not accept any container packing other than boxes (such as​ bags, totes, suitcases or​ plastic bins) .​
Always be sure to​ read through your​ quotes and​ see if​ any requirements are specified as​ you​ will be charged extra by the movers for​ re-packing those items and​ for​ the packing materials they will provide.
3 .​
Extra services- Such as​ additional insurance, storage, extra labor, taxes, fuel surcharges and​ processing fees .​
Additional services such as​ additional insurance coverage and​ storage will be added to​ your​ total cost and​ are probably very clear and​ acceptable by you​ .​
However, movers may charge you​ extra for​ stairs, elevators, bulky items, additional stops, hoisting of​ furniture, disassembly and​ reassembly of​ furniture etc .​
Always be sure to​ check if​ your​ quote includes any mentioning of​ these charges and​ if​ not be sure to​ get that in​ writing from your​ mover as​ part of​ your​ quote .​
in​ addition, other taxes and​ charges may apply and​ will normally be calculated as​ percentage of​ your​ total cost, such as​ taxes, fuel surcharges or​ processing fees for​ the use of​ credit cards to​ pay for​ your​ move .​
These will not always appear in​ your​ quote but should be mentioned under the terms and​ conditions or​ explanation​ of​ your​ quote/services .​
Again, be sure to​ check if​ these are added to​ your​ price.
in​ summery, movers may pretty much charge you​ for​ anything .​
Take the time to​ read and​ understand​ your​ quote, from start to​ finish, including all the small fine print .​
if​ anything is​ unclear or​ not specified, be sure to​ check with your​ mover.

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