What Marketing Can T Do For You

What Marketing Can T Do For You

What Marketing Can’t Do For You
I thought I​ would clear up some misconceptions about marketing in​ this two-part series: What Marketing Can Do For you​ and What Marketing Can't Do For you​ .​
This issue is​ about what marketing can’t do.
While there’s no question a​ solid marketing program can increase your business,​ it​ can’t fix everything .​
Below are 5 things marketing can’t do for you:
1 .​
Marketing can’t make you​ an​ overnight success .​
Just because you​ start a​ marketing program doesn’t mean you’re immediately going to​ see your business explode .​
Marketing is​ about getting your name in​ front of​ your target market on​ a​ regular basis until they finally decide to​ give you​ a​ try.
On that note,​ if​ you’re in​ trouble right now – sales are down,​ a​ new business isn’t getting off the​ ground like you​ planned -- depending on​ how bad the​ trouble is​ a​ marketing program may not be enough to​ save you​ .​
a​ successful marketing program needs time to​ work and more likely than not,​ a​ little money as​ well .​
If you’re panicked about one (or more likely both) you​ may need to​ start looking at​ other options.
2 .​
Marketing is​ not about doing something once and forgetting about it .​
The very best marketers test .​
And test .​
And test .​
For instance,​ maybe your Web site isn’t converting visitors to​ customers as​ well as​ it​ should be .​
You could hire a​ copywriter to​ tweak it​ for you​ .​
You could test the​ different elements to​ see what raises your conversion level .​
That’s one way to​ use testing .​
You can also test different headlines,​ different offers,​ etc .​
3 .​
Marketing can’t fix a​ bad experience .​
This is​ a​ big one .​
If your customers have a​ lousy experience with your products or​ services or​ with your customer service reps or​ sales people,​ etc.,​ that’s it .​
Worse yet,​ not only have you​ lost a​ customer for good,​ that customer will probably tell others about their bad experience .​
So now you’ve lost more potential customers as​ well.
Marketing can get people in​ the​ door,​ but it​ can’t ensure they’ll have an​ experience they’ll want to​ repeat .​
Before assuming more marketing is​ what you​ need,​ take a​ moment and make sure your current customers are truly satisfied with your business.
4 .​
Marketing can’t fix a​ flawed business .​
Much like tip number 3,​ marketing can’t fix cash flow issues or​ staff problems.
Okay,​ I​ can hear all of​ you​ saying Of course,​ marketing can’t fix cash flow problems .​
Do you​ think we’re stupid? My answer is​ no,​ I​ don’t think you’re stupid at​ all .​
I​ think what happens is​ sometimes you​ get so caught up in​ the​ day-to-day challenges of​ running a​ business you​ can’t see the​ forest for the​ trees.
Let me explain .​
Let’s say you​ have a​ business that’s struggling with cash flow .​
The first thing that springs to​ mind may be revving up marketing .​
After all,​ the​ idea behind marketing is​ to​ increase revenue .​
On the​ surface that makes sense .​
However,​ if​ you​ look a​ little closer,​ what you​ might find are expenses that are out of​ whack or​ not getting invoices out in​ a​ timely manner .​
So what you​ should be fixing is​ your accounting problems rather than changing your marketing.
5 .​
Marketing can’t make people buy things they either don’t want or​ can’t afford .​
It doesn’t matter how great your product or​ service is,​ if​ you’re selling to​ people who either don’t have the​ interest or​ the​ means to​ buy it,​ then your marketing is​ going to​ fail no matter how brilliant it​ may be .​
So basically it​ all boils down to​ this,​ before you​ decide you​ need more marketing,​ take a​ few moments and make sure marketing is​ really the​ right solution for your business.
Creativity Exercise -- Reality Check
Before you​ launch into a​ new marketing program,​ take some time to​ analyze what’s really happening in​ your business .​
Do you​ really need a​ marketing program or​ is​ your problem:
* you​ aren’t able to​ close the​ leads you​ have
* you​ aren’t invoicing in​ a​ timely manner or​ following up with unpaid accounts
* Your customers aren’t happy with the​ product or​ service
* Your customers are having a​ bad experience with technical support or​ something else in​ the​ process isn’t working
* Your target market isn’t right
* you​ aren’t passionate about what you’re doing anymore
* Your business has way too many expenses
And so on​ .​
Basically I​ just want you​ to​ make sure marketing really is​ your problem before you​ start fiddling with it.
If you​ want to​ grow your business,​ then you​ should be consistently marketing your business .​
But if​ you’re using marketing as​ a​ bandaid for some other problem,​ then you​ could be headed for trouble.

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