What Marketing Can Do For You

What Marketing Can Do For You
I thought I​ would clear up some misconceptions about marketing in​ this two-part series: What Marketing Can Do For you​ and What Marketing Can't Do For you​ .​
We'll start with the​ positive.
Over the​ years,​ I've had dealings with some business owners who have a​ rather skewed perception of​ marketing .​
They think you​ throw a​ few ads out there,​ get a​ couple of​ press releases printed and voila! You’re a​ big success.
Oh,​ if​ it​ only were that easy .​
(Although if​ it​ were,​ I​ probably wouldn’t have a​ job.)
But there's no getting around that to​ have a​ successful business,​ you​ need a​ solid marketing plan .​
So what CAN marketing do for you? Increase your business – no question about it .​
You need to​ be marketing if​ you​ want to​ grow your business.
However (and this is​ a​ really big however) marketing is​ NOT going to​ result in​ overnight success .​
Marketing is​ about slow growth,​ building on​ last week's success and forgetting about last month's failures .​
(Or what you​ THINK are failures .​
It's not uncommon that a​ campaign you​ think is​ a​ dismal disappointment may be what caused the​ next campaign to​ take off.)
Marketing is​ about frequency -- about your target market seeing your offer over and over again until they're finally ready to​ buy .​
Without that very important frequency,​ your business will start to​ stagnate and eventually die.
Now that doesn't mean you​ won't have a​ major success with a​ campaign .​
Even a​ massive,​ amazing,​ unbelievable success .​
You'll run one ad or​ be featured in​ an​ article and wham! you​ end up with more orders than you​ know what to​ do with .​
While that's a​ great shot in​ the​ arm,​ it​ probably won't last unless you​ keep building upon it .​
Eventually the​ orders will dry up and you'll be back to​ where you​ were before.
Marketing is​ also about being consistent .​
This goes back to​ building on​ successes .​
Your customers need to​ see your message over and over again .​
This builds trust and credibility .​
Plus,​ your current customers will also respond to​ that frequency .​
Not only will they not forget about you​ and go to​ your competitor,​ but it​ will help build their trust in​ you​ as​ well.
Lastly,​ marketing is​ about working hard .​
There's no getting around it .​
To be successful means putting in​ the​ time and energy to​ continually market yourself .​
(You can also pay someone to​ help you​ with it,​ but basically it​ comes down to​ someone somewhere has to​ put in​ the​ time to​ continually market you.)
If you​ remember nothing else,​ remember this: If you​ don't implement your marketing strategies,​ nothing is​ going to​ happen .​
That last sentence seems obvious,​ but again,​ I'm amazed at​ how many people I​ run into who aren't willing to​ do the​ work .​
They talk about it,​ but when it​ actually comes down to​ doing something,​ they somehow never seem to​ get around to​ it.
One way to​ overcome that is​ to​ plan on​ doing one task or​ a​ little marketing every day .​
Then it​ doesn't seem quite so overwhelming .​
Me,​ I​ make a​ commitment to​ do X number of​ marketing tasks a​ week,​ regardless of​ how much time that takes.
Marketing is​ a​ commitment .​
There's no getting around it .​
If you​ have a​ business,​ then you​ have no choice but to​ make a​ commitment to​ marketing on​ a​ consistent basis until the​ day comes when you​ decide you​ don't want a​ business anymore .​

Creativity Exercise -- Make a​ Commitment
Since I'm interested in​ having all of​ you​ succeed,​ I​ want you​ to​ make a​ commitment right now to​ market your business on​ a​ regular basis.
Write this statement on​ a​ piece of​ paper,​ filling in​ your name in​ the​ proper place.
I,​ YOUR NAME,​ am making a​ commitment to​ market my business on​ a​ regular basis from now until I​ decide I​ don’t want to​ be in​ business any more.
Sign and date it.
I suggest posting it​ in​ a​ place where you​ can see it​ while you're working .​
Or,​ if​ you​ really want to​ add some accountability to​ your commitment,​ tell someone about it .​
You can even tell me about it​ -- just send me an​ e-mail at​ Michele@theartistsoul.com There's nothing like announcing your intention to​ keeping you​ honest.

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