What Is Your Writing Tone

What Is Your Writing Tone

You visit a​ car dealership. Not more than three steps inside the​ door,​ a​ smiling guy in​ a​ suit gets in​ your face. He is​ using every hard closing sales tactic in​ the​ book,​ relentlessly pursuing you around the​ showroom and the​ lot.

This guy could not be more clear,​ he wants to​ sell you a​ car,​ and he does not mind you knowing it. And yet,​ we​ hate this guy. we​ want people to​ put our needs and comfort levels first,​ and those who do are the​ people we​ reward with the​ sale.

Are those friendly people any less interested in​ making the​ sale than the​ obnoxious car salesman? or​ are they just less transparent about how they go about it? Do we​ care if​ they are being genuine,​ or​ do we​ just need to​ feel as​ if​ they are?

Picture this: You are introduced to​ some loud-mouthed young marketing consultant at​ a​ party. He is​ half-tanked,​ cursing like a​ sailor,​ and insulting every third person who passes by,​ all while trying to​ convince you to​ hire him. He even insults you and your wife a​ couple of​ times in​ lame attempts at​ humor. is​ he not just keeping it​ real?

On the​ other hand,​ I once read a​ story about a​ businessman who everyone loved. This guy kept everyone in​ stitches with his jokes,​ and yet he always took the​ time to​ listen attentively when others spoke. in​ short,​ he made everyone feel good,​ and he was hugely successful in​ business because of​ it.

The story was told by a​ close friend of​ his,​ who revealed that the​ guy actually had no sense of​ humor at​ all. He just repeated jokes that he heard others tell,​ even though he did not get why they were funny. Further,​ the​ mans compassionate listening abilities were simply a​ learned behavior. He knew how to​ make people feel good,​ but he never cared at​ all what people said or​ thought. He just wanted to​ be viewed as​ a​ person who cared,​ because it​ was good for business.

When it​ comes to​ copywriting and conversational marketing,​ it​ is​ all about how you say it,​ combined with a​ strategic decision as​ to​ what to​ say so that you can meet your goals. You are trying to​ create an​ experience that others respond to​ favorably,​ just like you would in​ person. Think about the​ last great conversation you had with an​ engaging person. How did it​ make you feel?

Where do we​ draw the​ line with transparency and authenticity? What if​ no one likes the​ real you?

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