What Is Our Day Like Our Typical Homeschooling Day

What Is Our Day Like Our Typical Homeschooling Day

When we​ tell people we​ homeschool,​ one of​ the​ first questions I am asked is,​ "What is​ your day like?" the​ following is​ a​ typical day:

I get up early,​ about 7:00 or​ 7:30 to​ have some quiet time,​ read the​ newspaper,​ and have coffee. When Aaron gets up,​ about 7:45 or​ 8:00,​ we​ all have breakfast together,​ Mom,​ Dad,​ and Son.

The "school day" begins after we​ clean up the​ dishes and walk the​ dog. I don't really like to​ call it​ the​ "school day" because it​ is​ actually a​ "life day",​ how we​ spend our life.

We spend about one hour first thing doing Bible verse and Bible. Aaron reads the​ verse chosen for the​ day and reviews the​ verses from the​ previous days. He doesn't have to​ say them word for word,​ paraphrasing is​ ok. Then we​ read from where ever we​ left off in​ the​ Bible. I am using the​ suggested weekly Bible reading schedule from What Your Child Needs to​ Know When by Robin Sampson. Then,​ he writes the​ Bible verse to​ practice his copywork. He then can draw a​ picture from the​ story,​ write something in​ his own words,​ or​ any other additional appropriate activity.

If we​ do nothing else all day,​ the​ Bible lesson is​ the​ most important. the​ lesson incorporates reading,​ listening,​ penmanship,​ spelling,​ vocabulary,​ and sometimes even math. Did you know "a beka" is​ a​ unit of​ measure equal to​ .02 oz.?

Next,​ we​ practice our logic using Building Thinking Skills Student Edition; Plus Instruction and Answer Guide - Level 3 Verbal - Two Book Set by Sandra Parks and Howard Black. This workbook is​ practice of​ critical thinking skills for reading,​ writing,​ math,​ and science. I did have to​ purchase the​ Instruction and Answer Guide as​ well as​ the​ Student Guide. we​ usually do one or​ two pages depending on​ the​ exercise.

Next comes reading. we​ chose the​ Original McGuffey's Eclectic School Series. Based on​ Aaron's reading level,​ we​ chose the​ Original McGuffey's Eclectic Third Reader (Eclectic school series.) it​ is​ great. in​ another post,​ I'll go into detail about why it​ is​ so amazing. Reading is​ again another hour.

Of course we​ can take a​ snack break in​ between.

Math is​ next. we​ are using the​ Saxon Math 7/6: Homeschool Edition. Again,​ more detail will follow about the​ Saxon Math series. we​ use the​ direction in​ the​ student guide and I also incorporate flash cards,​ addition,​ multiplication,​ subtraction,​ and division,​ also,​ time and money,​ into the​ warm up. we​ go through the​ new material together,​ then I fix lunch while Aaron works on​ the​ Lesson Practice. we​ have lunch and then he can finish his work on​ his own,​ with a​ little help when he needs it.

After lunch it​ is​ time for a​ walk to​ clear our heads and then finishing up any extra projects such as​ history reading,​ or​ timeline,​ or​ free reading. we​ are usually finished by 2:00 or​ 2:30.

I will go into detail about the​ math,​ reading,​ spelling,​ logic,​ and history lessons later. Also,​ physical activities and field trips are included in​ the​ plan.

We have great days working and playing together.

What Is Our Day Like Our Typical Homeschooling Day

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