What Is Merchant Web Marketing

What Is Merchant Web Marketing

Recently I wrote an​ article called “Put your spare domain names to​ work for you​ using affiliate programs”.
What that article basically described was an​ important approach to​ Merchant Web Marketing. a​ trend that many merchants offering affiliate programs are more and more starting to​ include in​ their package of​ affiliate services are Product Line Data Feeds. These Data Feeds can bring affiliate web marketing to​ a​ new level.

If you​ don’t already know,​ a​ product line data feed is​ a​ complete (or mostly complete) file,​ usually in​ .CSV or​ Tab Delimited format containing data pertaining to​ the​ products the​ merchant is​ making available for an​ affiliate to​ promote and sell. This has opened the​ door for many individuals who otherwise would not have an​ avenue to​ sell products online. And through something other than banners and buttons on​ a​ BLOG or​ website which for the​ most part go unnoticed by visitors.

This is​ one of​ the​ reasons (I feel) that generating massive amounts of​ traffic to​ a​ blog or​ personal website is​ sought after so intensely. it​ is​ simply required based on​ statistics on​ how poorly affiliate banners actually perform. For the​ most part that statistic works in​ the​ favor of​ the​ merchant. the​ more affiliates the​ merchant has promoting their products,​ services and website,​ the​ more revenue they stand to​ generate on​ a​ Collective level. Unfortunately on​ an​ individual level,​ very little revenue is​ realized for an​ affiliate. Which results many times in​ an​ affiliate generating some sales and some traffic to​ a​ merchant,​ and then moving on​ to​ something else disappointed by the​ performance of​ the​ banners. Many times never even having reached the​ minimum tier for payment by the​ merchant.

So in​ essence the​ merchant received free exposure and sales and increased their visibility on​ the​ internet and didn’t have to​ pay out a​ cent to​ the​ affiliate. It's win win for the​ merchant. There are exceptions of​ course to​ EVERY affiliate program and each will have some truly inspirational success stories.

Not all is​ as​ bleak as​ it​ sounds. Google Adsense and clickbank are two affiliate programs that are an​ exception to​ this whole theory. Neither of​ them offer Data Feeds like i'm talking about and they are both great programs for many. And not all merchants base their marketing strategies on​ those types of​ statistics. There are plenty of​ merchants that want to​ see their affiliates succeed just as​ they want their own personal success. They feel that if​ their affiliate doesn’t make money,​ they don’t make money,​ even if​ that not entirely the​ case.

So they invest time,​ money and resources in​ providing a​ thorough Data Feed of​ their products so that affiliates can take their websites or​ blogs to​ another level and make a​ powerful impression on​ their visitors. the​ affiliate is​ now empowered in​ selling a​ much broader range of​ products and in​ control of​ how they present these products to​ their visitors and business prospects,​ which they know better than anyone else. And without having to​ stock or​ ship or​ process a​ single item.

A few things to​ look for when researching a​ merchant’s affiliate program is​ find out what the​ minimum payout tier is. Do the​ math and determine how much traffic your website must receive to​ achieve that payout,​ doing your best to​ estimate what percentage of​ your visitors actually purchase from your website. if​ it​ is​ a​ realistic number,​ you’re off to​ a​ great start.

Look to​ see if​ the​ merchant offers Data Feeds to​ their products and makes them available to​ you. Even if​ your interests are only in​ “easy to​ implement” banners and text ads,​ it’s a​ positive sign that the​ merchant is​ willing to​ expend extra effort in​ providing as​ many tools for you​ to​ succeed with their program.

And with any affiliate program,​ sell items that you​ know something about. you​ may not realize it,​ but the​ more you​ believe in​ a​ product or​ service the​ more convincing your sales presentation is.

And that in​ itself translates into sales.

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