What Is Hair Transplant Micro Grafting

What is​ Hair Transplant Micro Grafting?
Hair transplant procedures have changed in​ the​ decades since they were first done .​
the​ earlier methods of​ using hair plugs were not satisfactory .​
People looked like they had doll's heads,​ with hair sticking out of​ their hair in​ clumps .​
Now hair transplants are more natural looking because of​ a​ procedure called micro grafting .​

Most hair transplant surgeries today involve micro grafting to​ some degree .​
Micro grafts hold about three or​ four hair follicles .​
Older style hair grafts often held more like a​ dozen hair roots .​
These new micro grafts are only possible because skilled surgeons have refined the​ methods of​ extracting them .​

Micro grafts are useful in​ hair transplant surgery because they can give the​ hair a​ quite natural appearance .​
the​ hair emerges from the​ scalp in​ the​ most natural way,​ with the​ same number of​ hairs that nature intended .​
If the​ procedure is​ done correctly,​ no one can tell the​ difference .​

Natural looking hairlines have been difficult to​ achieve with hair transplant surgery .​
Micro grafts make it​ possible for​ a​ brand-new hairline to​ be attained that does not call attention to​ itself in​ the​ least .​
This is​ quite an​ accomplishment after the​ stares that many people endured in​ the​ past because of​ bad hair plugs .​

However unnoticeable and natural micro grafts appear,​ they do not give you​ a​ full,​ thick head of​ hair .​
for​ that,​ many hair transplant surgeons will use micro grafts for​ the​ hairline and the​ front and edges of​ the​ hair .​
Then,​ they will use mini grafts farther back on​ the​ scalp .​

These mini grafts used in​ hair transplant surgery contain three to​ eight shafts of​ hair .​
They give the​ hair fullness in​ areas where they will not stand out as​ looking fake .​
It is​ a​ common circumstance to​ have the​ mini grafts in​ the​ central and crown of​ the​ scalp and micro grafts at​ the​ hairline and around the​ edges .​

If a​ person had this arrangement after a​ hair transplant and then shaved the​ micro grafts,​ the​ mini grafts would look decidedly unnatural .​
However,​ with the​ micro grafts on​ the​ leading edges,​ they blend in​ and give the​ hair fullness .​
They serve an​ important function .​

Previously,​ when hair plugs were used,​ doctors did the​ hair transplant surgeries much differently .​
They used an​ instrument called a​ trephine to​ cut circular grafts from 2mm to​ 5mm in​ diameter .​
These plugs were inserted into the​ balding area .​

Now,​ a​ multi-bladed knife can be used to​ cut long thin strips of​ donor tissue .​
the​ strip of​ scalp will be about an​ inch wide and five inches long .​
Then,​ the​ hair transplant doctor pulls the​ skin together where this was taken out,​ and stitches it​ together .​

Finally,​ the​ micro grafts will be finished by being divided into individual grafts by using a​ stereomicroscope .​
the​ surgical team will make a​ variety of​ grafts from eight-shaft mini grafts to​ one or​ two shaft micro grafts .​
These will be moved during hair transplant to​ the​ recipient sites so that the​ hair will have a​ natural hairline with fullness on​ top .​

Hair transplant today would not be the​ same without the​ use of​ micro grafts .​
They make for​ more natural-looking results .​
Also,​ the​ pain factor goes down with the​ use of​ the​ smaller grafts .​
They have proven to​ be an​ excellent discovery .​

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