What Is Freelance Poker Writing

There are many popular casino-style games,​ but nothing matches the​ growth and popularity of​ poker and how poker influences society. Poker writing covers limitless topics in​ the​ gaming world; and poker writing can be a​ blend of​ journalism,​ feature writing,​ sports writing,​ entertainment writing,​ travel writing,​ food writing,​ technical writing,​ and so on,​ depending on​ what you choose to​ write.


You might think “freelance poker writing” is​ exactly that: writing about poker games. You might also think poker writing is​ about writing for one specific market: poker magazines. This might have been true years ago,​ but not so today. the​ expanding market of​ online and offline poker and gaming magazines is​ one small fragment,​ out of​ dozens of​ paying markets,​ to​ find freelance work. the​ Internet has spawned many online writing opportunities,​ such as​ blogging,​ writing for poker and gaming websites,​ self-publishing,​ and writing SEO articles for companies and affiliates. And “poker writing” is​ more than writing about the​ games of​ poker. Poker writing encompasses the​ influences of​ poker,​ such as​ entertainment,​ technology,​ psychology,​ law,​ lifestyle,​ money,​ travel,​ and so on. Writing about poker and gaming,​ along with their influences on​ society,​ is​ limitless.

Many successful freelance writers tap into an​ arsenal of​ online and offline media outlets to​ sell their work,​ not just to​ poker and gaming magazines. Their recipe for success is​ simple: they write varied topics related to​ poker and gaming that don’t just fit into a​ specific poker magazine,​ but also fit (with some reslanting) into many other non-poker magazines and media outlets (i.e. trade magazines,​ regional magazines,​ newsletters,​ tourism guides,​ newspapers,​ websites,​ blogs,​ ebooks,​ etc.) that cover varied subjects (such as​ gambling,​ gaming,​ professional sports,​ sports betting,​ travel,​ lifestyle,​ women’s issues,​ money,​ finance,​ real estate,​ hobbies,​ and so on).


To write about poker,​ you need to​ know why it​ is​ on​ the​ minds of​ so many people. Why all the​ excitement? What do players see in​ a​ little game of​ cards? Many people fall in​ love with playing poker because it​ challenges the​ mind; poker games are thrilling and competitive; and let’s face it,​ we​ love the​ winnings. the​ winnings in​ poker games,​ even online,​ can trail with many zeros. What other game can you play with a​ $40 entry fee and win a​ couple of​ hundred thousand dollars,​ or​ as​ with WSOP winners,​ several million? It’s what lures the​ crowds to​ the​ game. Once players begin to​ play,​ everyone is​ a​ legend in​ their own mind. the​ enticement and excitement of​ winning drives players to​ want to​ play more. Typically,​ players just play more and more once they discover Texas Hold’em.

Even if​ you aren’t playing poker for the​ money,​ you will quickly become aware of​ the​ jackpots of​ money that poker players play for online and offline. Many people play poker because of​ the​ great challenges of​ the​ mind. Amarillo Slim (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amarillo_Slim),​ another legendary poker player once said,​ “Poker is​ a​ game of​ people….It’s not the​ hand I hold,​ it’s the​ people that I play with.” Most of​ the​ older players do play with dollar signs glinting in​ their eyes. On the​ other hand,​ if​ you read some of​ the​ articles written about Slim in​ the​ past,​ you’ll discover he enjoyed beating his opponents as​ much as​ anyone else.

Guru.com,​ CraigsList.com and Elance.com showcase job postings for many different freelance opportunities. if​ you have the​ skills to​ write on​ gambling,​ specifically poker,​ then you’ll never be short on​ writing gigs.

In fact,​ a​ search on​ a​ handful of​ job boards produced many writing opportunities,​ from blog posting,​ to​ writing articles on​ poker games and strategies.


If you want to​ write about poker and gaming,​ the​ opportunities are there. if​ you are educated about poker and you can write well,​ the​ opportunities will be endless. However,​ you have to​ be better than average to​ earn a​ decent income as​ freelance poker writer. You must know your “stuff” in​ this field.

Writing about poker and its players requires you to​ learn about the​ games of​ poker and about the​ players whom people want to​ read. For instance,​ Doyle Brunson and Amarillo “Slim” Preston are two old timers who many consider two of​ the​ last living legends of​ the​ game. However,​ Brunson pulls a​ crowd more so than Preston. People look for articles,​ books and information on​ Doyle Brunson because he is​ still an​ active player in​ Las Vegas. Furthermore,​ Brunson lives where poker rooms are on​ every corner,​ whereas Amarillo Slim lives in,​ well,​ you guessed it—Texas!

A freelance poker writer has many opportunities. For starters,​ a​ poker writer can write from home because of​ the​ online games and tournaments. the​ online poker rooms (the ones offering the​ large satellite tournaments) are newsworthy as​ are many of​ the​ sit and go tournaments that offer large purses. Writers find ample topics and stories to​ pull from in​ this capacity alone. People want to​ read what’s going on​ in​ the​ online poker rooms. as​ a​ new writer,​ you need to​ write as​ much as​ you can on​ the​ subject of​ poker no matter where people play it.

In addition to​ the​ newsworthy opportunities online,​ web content is​ a​ huge marketplace for freelance writers. Writers who can write content-rich articles related to​ poker and gambling are in​ high demand.

To succeed as​ a​ poker writer,​ you will need to​ find your niche. However,​ you don’t necessarily have to​ stay within your niche market. Many writers will write on​ poker and cover online and offline games. They’ll cover the​ World Poker Tour for an​ offline gambling magazine one day and write an​ informative “How to​ Spot a​ Poker Cheat” article the​ next day for an​ online website. Poker writers like the​ ability to​ remain diverse but it​ pays to​ have a​ niche.

For example,​ there are several writers on​ Elance.com who write web content for gaming websites but still pick up a​ couple of​ writing gigs offline in​ magazines and for newspaper articles. Respectively,​ several notorious authors and professional poker players write primarily as​ book authors and authorities on​ their game but occasionally they will snatch a​ writing column for an​ online poker website.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the​ gigs you have online will allow the​ offline writing jobs to​ fall in​ your lap. You have to​ keep your options open. You will need to​ apply for most of​ the​ work you get,​ even after you become well-known within the​ industry. However,​ if​ you’re good,​ you’ll very seldom face competition for the​ writing jobs you want.

When you become established in​ your niche,​ clients,​ editors and colleagues will willingly generate referrals for you. in​ fact,​ if​ you are well-informed and can stand out as​ a​ leading authority on​ poker,​ you can create your own jobs if​ jobs don’t randomly come your way. You’ll be able to​ query an​ editor with ideas and convince the​ editor to​ publish your articles. You may be able to​ query a​ book publisher with a​ manuscript idea and have it​ accepted for publication.

In addition,​ the​ offline writing jobs on​ assignment are often lucrative. Most of​ the​ writing jobs on​ assignment will allow you to​ live like a​ high roller,​ or​ at​ the​ very least,​ a​ low roller with some great perks. Poker writers normally stay where the​ action takes place,​ which is​ commonly in​ a​ casino. if​ you’re covering a​ World Poker Tour event,​ you’ll likely stay in​ upgraded casino accommodations; after all,​ the​ casino knows you are writing on​ the​ event and they’ll likely want you to​ plug their plush rooms and their many amenities.

On assignment writing jobs will enable you to​ eat in​ marvelous dining restaurants,​ stay among the​ upper echelon of​ poker players in​ suites or​ upgraded rooms and enjoy hosted parties among poker players. Writing on​ assignment as​ a​ poker writer enables writers to​ stay in​ some of​ the​ most elegant resorts in​ the​ world while enjoying the​ lifestyle of​ the​ pampered poker player. And trust it​ when you see it​ in​ magazines and hear about it​ online,​ these professional players are pampered.

Before you obtain your first job assignment as​ a​ poker writer,​ you need to​ learn all you can about poker. Read everything there is​ to​ read. Listen to​ everything and anything you can on​ the​ subject. Flip on​ the​ TV set and watch some live game coverage and learn the​ terminology. Poker tournaments and poker coverage are constantly on​ TV,​ especially in​ the​ evenings and on​ weekends.


Poker writers who travel to​ some of​ the​ casino destinations hosting world events such as​ the​ WSOP (http://www.worldseriesofpoker.com) or​ the​ WPT (World Poker Tour — http://www.worldpokertour.com ) find they can enjoy a​ lifestyle many freelance writers dream about. Not every freelance writer can endure the​ schedule of​ these writers. However,​ if​ you are a​ writer who can face the​ unpredictable scheduling of​ events in​ the​ World Series of​ Poker,​ have a​ great personality and excellent people skills,​ then your chances to​ live a​ jet-set lifestyle in​ the​ world of​ poker is​ better than what many writers might think.

Life is​ better as​ a​ poker writer than it​ is​ in​ most areas of​ writing. You will be rubbing shoulders with people in​ Sin City and many other casino destinations where money is​ no object. Remember,​ money is​ no object to​ a​ great number of​ poker players. Stakes are always high. With that in​ mind,​ remember who you are and where you are. Remember to​ capture the​ story,​ and not the​ party.

You will get a​ free ride pass as​ a​ poker writer if​ you can achieve a​ name for yourself in​ the​ poker world. You will have the​ things only high rollers can get just because the​ right people want YOU to​ remember their name. Naturally,​ this will only happen after you become recognized as​ a​ poker authority. if​ you strive to​ achieve it,​ you will know what the​ inside of​ the​ suites at​ the​ MGM and Paris Las Vegas look like because you’ll be staying in​ them. You won’t walk or​ hail a​ cab in​ Vegas. You’ll be riding in​ a​ limo,​ free of​ charge. Best of​ all,​ when you are on​ a​ job,​ you will drink and eat what you want and never see a​ bill. Welcome to​ success. Revel in​ it​ and know you’ve worked hard for it.

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