What Is Defensive Driving

What Is Defensive Driving

Defensive driving gives you​ the essentials on​ road safety measurements. All the drivers must know this​ simple driving fact that you​ can control your​ action(s) on​ most of​ the on-road occasions, but you​ cannot control or​ can’t even know what is​ happening with other drivers on​ the road. So, defensive driving provides ample information​ and​ knowledge to​ all those people who are looking for​ comprehensive and​ lifetime solutions against accidents and​ other on-road mishaps.

Defensive driving is​ also known as​ advanced driving. this​ is​ one sophisticated and​ next level type of​ training that automobile driver can undertake and​ learn to​ master the basic mechanics of​ driving. They can indeed master all the rules of​ roads. The aim of​ the training is​ to​ minimize the risk of​ driving by proactively and​ spontaneously avoiding dangerous situations despite incorrect actions or​ adverse conditions on​ the road. All these and​ much more can be accomplished via commitment to​ specific rules as​ the constant practice of​ particular driving techniques.

Well, considering the true essence and​ aspect of​ defensive driving, you​ would find out that it​ is​ a​ style of​ driving wherein​ you​ need to​ take every possible precaution​ to​ prevent any mishap from happening. Defensive driving is​ a​ brilliant way of​ keeping you​ and​ your​ family safe while driving.

So, let us take a​ look at​ some of​ the rules relating to​ defensive driving.

The first and​ the foremost aspect, is​ to​ become fully prepared before taking on​ your​ vehicle on​ the road. you​ need to​ check and​ ensure certain​ important aspects like water levels, gas, and​ oil and​ tire pressures of​ your​ vehicle. you​ also need to​ check seats, mirrors and​ ensure important documentations like insurance before hitting the roads.

The second aspect related to​ defensive driving is​ that you​ should never react to​ road rage and​ neither display it. this​ ensures that you​ don’t break traffic rules recklessly and​ arrive to​ any condition​ which causes harm to​ you​ or​ others.

It is​ advisable that you​ purchase bright colored cars. Car colors like yellow, orange or​ red can make your​ car easily visible and​ prominent on​ the roads. on​ an​ average basis, bright colored cars are less likely to​ be involved in​ an​ accident rather than light colored cars.

Usage of​ headlights is​ an​ important aspect related to​ defensive driving. it​ ensures that others can see you​ coming and​ you​ can also see clearly during night driving. While you​ drive, you​ need to​ ensure that you​ apply the three second rule. this​ rule states that you​ should at​ least maintain​ a​ driving time of​ 3 seconds behind the vehicle in​ front of​ you. you​ should maintain​ this​ driving time all of​ the times. However, if​ the car condition​ or​ environmental conditions are bad, you​ should increase this​ driving time to​ 5 seconds.

While driving you​ should avoid the cars that reflect signs of​ being damaged down or​ are broken down. Researches and​ studies have shown that these cars are prominently driven by bad drivers.

Follow defensive driving and​ have a​ happy and​ safe driving!

What Is Defensive Driving

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