What Is Bum Marketing How To Make Money With A 5 Budget

Bum marketing is​ so called because even a​ bum can make money using this method. you​ need no outlay and can start with nothing. Absolutely zilch!

I had absolutely zilch because I had maxed out 7 credit cards. I used to​ laugh when I read about others doing that with just two,​ but I did it​ myself – in​ spades! My only word to​ you​ would be very careful how you​ use PPC programs like Adwords because I wasn’t. But that’s another story.

I discovered bum marketing because if​ there is​ one thing I am good at,​ it​ is​ writing. Bum marketing involves finding a​ profitable niche,​ or​ one that could be profitable. it​ has to​ be something with a​ reasonable large following,​ and a​ reasonable number of​ topics attached to​ it. Like fly fishing or​ quilting,​ or​ something similar. Something that is​ followed by people you​ would expect to​ have money. you​ don’t want people flinching at​ paying $97 for a​ product related to​ their hobby or​ interest.

You then have to​ find some decent keywords. For bum marketing it​ doesn’t matter too much if​ there is​ competition for them,​ but not too general. Not ‘quilting’ but perhaps ‘hand quilting machines’ or​ ‘deep throat quilters’. Then get a​ website set up. you​ can get a​ cheap functional site for under $5 a​ month and then set up a​ website. a​ sales page for a​ product and a​ few pages with some content. if​ you​ can get it,​ register a​ domain name that is​ the​ same as,​ or​ relates to,​ one of​ the​ keywords you​ have chosen.

Write a​ few articles on​ the​ topic of​ your website,​ and use one for each of​ the​ web pages. Bum marketing is​ all about article writing. you​ should have one web page for each keyword you​ are using relating to​ your website. Find a​ few products to​ sell. if​ you​ have your own then great,​ but if​ not sell affiliate products.

Then write a​ few more articles and submit them to​ article directories. Each directory will allow you​ what is​ known as​ an​ ‘Author’s Resource Box’ in​ which you​ can say a​ little about yourself and provide a​ URL for people to​ click on​ for more information. the​ URL should lead to​ a​ page that relates to​ the​ topic of​ the​ article,​ and should ideally be a​ text link with the​ keyword or​ phrase that is​ the​ title of​ your web page. the​ text link should be hyperlinked to​ the​ page; what is​ termed an​ ‘active’ link’.

If the​ directory does not specifically provide a​ Resource Box,​ you​ can add that information after your article. it​ has to​ be included and will go with your article whenever it​ is​ copied and used. the​ article will not only bring you​ traffic,​ but also valuable links back to​ your web pages.

It is​ important that you​ continue to​ write and keep pumping out new articles. I like to​ write two every week and send them off to​ the​ top 25 directories. That’s all I have to​ do because most of​ the​ top 25 provide material to​ other directories,​ and before you​ know it​ your articles are all over the​ internet. That’s bum marketing.

As I said,​ even a​ bum with no money can do it. I know,​ because I was that bum at​ one time. I am no longer!

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