What Does It Really Take To Make Money Online

Probably the​ most important step to​ making money online is​ the​ desire to​ do it. the​ internet,​ contrary to​ so many of​ the​ headlines we see,​ is​ not a​ ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Strong internet incomes are achieved the​ same way brick and mortar incomes are achieved—via hard work,​ long hours,​ and dedication to​ making money online. to​ make money online,​ you​ must be willing to​ work hard,​ often long hours,​ study the​ latest material on​ marketing and traffic generation,​ and be willing to​ stick with it​ before you​ start making the​ big money online.

• In order to​ make money online,​ you​ must develop a​ basic understanding of​ why people buy. the​ psychological motivations of​ internet purchases are much the​ same as​ offline purchases. People buy things online because they feel the​ purchase will make them feel younger,​ sexier,​ happier,​ or​ because it​ will make them rich or​ well-liked.

• You must find or​ develop a​ product that is​ well-suited to​ making money online---it must primarily meet the​ emotional needs of​ people online---making them feel younger,​ sexier,​ happier,​ rich,​ or​ well-liked.

• To make money online,​ you​ must learn everything you​ can about marketing,​ both offline and online. you​ must understand what makes people buy; you​ cannot simply cut and paste from templates to​ get good at​ online marketing.

• You must be willing to​ test everything you​ do. Many times what you​ do online is​ in​ massive quantities,​ unlike some offline marketing. you​ might send out a​ million emails,​ or​ purchase a​ thousand PPCs,​ or​ receive hundreds of​ visitors a​ day. you​ must be able to​ identify which types of​ visitors make you​ money or​ you​ will fail. in​ many marketing campaigns you​ run,​ you​ will have segments that are profitable and segments that are not. if​ you​ cannot identify which are which,​ for the​ purpose of​ eliminating those that are not profitable and increasing spending in​ areas that are,​ you​ will fail.

• You must be willing to​ reinvest much of​ your initial profits back into your business. When you​ first begin marketing,​ you​ are excited and you​ are willing to​ spend untold hours,​ until the​ wee hours of​ the​ morning,​ placing inexpensive classified ads and requesting links with directories and other web sites. However,​ once you​ have a​ thousand subscribers,​ you​ will be more focused on​ conversion rates and your web site and have less time for low-cost traffic generation. you​ will need to​ develop a​ budget for more expensive (and usually higher-quality) traffic. Although it​ is​ not always the​ case that paying more gets you​ a​ better lead,​ it​ is​ generally the​ case that paying less gets you​ an​ inferior lead.

• Last but perhaps the​ most important. you​ must be willing to​ stick it​ out. the​ first few months you​ may not make much money online,​ but you​ knew that going in​ and you​ are excited about the​ internet riches about which you​ dream. After a​ few months of​ 80-90 hour weeks,​ you​ become tired and can become tempted to​ quit. if​ (and only if,​ note) you​ have been testing every ad you​ run and every response you​ receive,​ you​ will be able to​ start making smarter decisions and become profitable over the​ next few months. But if​ you​ burn out and quit,​ you​ lose everything you​ put in. Don’t give up!

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