What Are Some Basic Cake Decorating Ideas And Tips

What Are Some Basic Cake Decorating Ideas And Tips

What Are Some Basic Cake Decorating Ideas and​ Tips?
After you​ have baked the cake, and​ it​ has cooled, the next step is​ decorating the cake .​
While this​ can be a​ fun and​ pleasurable task, this​ is​ also the step that takes a​ bit of​ skill and​ patience .​
I​ hope, these tips will allow you​ to​ have more fun decorating your​ cake .​
Let's begin​ with the basics .​
The cake decorating tips that are essential and​ things that you​ need to​ know before you​ .​
you​ will need a​ workplace that will afford enough room to​ be able to​ decorate your​ cake without being cramped .​
you​ also need to​ be away from disturbances and​ you​ will not need to​ move away from because you​ will be in​ the way of​ others .​
The first thing to​ know about cake decorating, is​ the fact that the cake must be completely cooled before you​ make any attempt to​ decorate .​
if​ the cake is​ still warm, you​ will run into many problems.
The next item is​ to​ make sure you​ have gathered all of​ the tools and​ ingredients for​ decorating your​ cake .​
Some items you​ will need are: a​ syringe or​ piping bag, the type and​ size tips you​ will be using, and​ the coupler to​ attach the tips to​ the piping bag .​
you​ will need to​ plan how you​ will decorate the cake ahead of​ time, so you​ can have all of​ the tools you​ need on​ hand​ when you​ begin​ decorating.
To begin​ with you​ need to​ ice, or​ frost the cake with royal icing, butter cream icing, or​ fondant icing .​
To start with, make sure you​ place a​ thin​ layer of​ frosting over the top to​ hold the crumbs together .​
When that is​ done, you​ will frost over that layer .​
It is​ important to​ make sure the icing you​ use is​ the right consistency .​
if​ the icing is​ too thin​ or​ too thick it​ will affect the end result of​ your​ cake decorating .​
if​ you​ are creating a​ decorated cake and​ you​ think your​ frosting is​ too thin, you​ can add a​ bit more confectioners sugar .​
Make sure you​ add this​ a​ little at​ a​ time as​ it​ can become too stiff if​ you​ add too much .​
if​ you​ feel your​ icing is​ too stiff, carefully add a​ bit more liquid.
Icing is​ used in​ different consistencies for​ different cake decorating techniques .​
When you​ are making roses, or​ any flower with upright petals, and​ will be piping figures on​ the cake, you​ will want to​ use a​ stiff icing or​ your​ petals may droop .​
To make stars, flowers with flat petals, and​ shell borders, you​ will want to​ use a​ medium consistency .​
a​ thin​ icing is​ used for​ writing on​ the cake, and​ thinner, more delicate work such as​ vines and​ leaves .​
if​ you​ add about 2 teaspoons of​ light corn syrup to​ your​ icing, you​ will find the icing will flow easier and​ make it​ more flexible .​
flowers with flat petals .​
a​ thin​ icing mixture should be used for​ writing characters, and​ thinner, pointier shapes and​ styles such as​ leaves and​ vines .​
Add a​ couple of​ teaspoons of​ light corn syrup to​ the icing mix to​ make it​ more flexible and​ easier flowing .​

Once the cake is​ iced, it​ is​ time to​ begin​ decorating .​
The way you​ hold the icing bag is​ important, as​ the direction​ and​ angle you​ hold the piping bag will influence the way the patterns and​ shapes you​ will create, will turn out .​
Thankfully there are only two positions to​ hold the piping bag to​ make certain​ designs.
The firs position​ is​ to​ hold the piping bag at​ a​ 90 degree angle, straight up from the surface of​ the cake .​
this​ is​ used for​ the simpler decorations that don't involve a​ lot of​ movement in​ making the design .​
The center of​ rosebuds, adding eyes to​ a​ character or​ making stars and​ dots .​
The other position​ involves the piping bag being held at​ a​ 45 degree angle, or​ holding the bag half-way between straight up and​ the surface of​ the cake.
in​ this​ position​ you​ have more flexibility to​ create sweeping styles, and​ create shapes with your​ piping hand​ .​
you​ can use this​ angle for​ flower petals, or​ writing on​ the cake .​
Some of​ the piping tips, like the tips for​ basket weave, petal and​ ruffle, have ends that are irregular .​
There is​ a​ right and​ wrong way to​ hold the bag when working with them.
Now that you​ know the basics here are a​ few tips to​ start you​ on​ your​ way to​ making a​ decorated cake.
- Basket Weave - Using this​ technique will give the sides of​ your​ cake the look of​ a​ basket .​
you​ may want to​ practice on​ a​ piece of​ waxed paper until you​ feel confident enough to​ begin​ on​ the cake .​
Using the basket weave tip and​ an​ icing that is​ of​ medium consistency, take turns applying a​ vertical stripe, following it​ with a​ horizontal stripe across the vertical .​
Make sure the horizontal stripes are a​ bit longer so the vertical stripe will fit across it .​
Soon​ you​ will see a​ basket pattern become apparent.
- Bows - this​ technique will make your​ cake look like a​ wrapped gift .​
Use a​ flat tip and​ medium icing .​
Hold your​ bag at​ a​ 45 degree angle and​ sweep your​ bag left, making half of​ the bow .​
Make the same movement to​ the right, making a​ figure 8 .​
Hold the bag and​ sweep downward and​ out from the center of​ the bow, once on​ each side to​ make 2 streamers.
- Lacework - this​ technique is​ great for​ wedding or​ baby shower cakes .​
you​ should practice this​ technique to​ make sure you​ have good control before you​ use it​ in​ your​ cake decorating .​
Using thin​ white icing, hold the bag at​ nearly a​ 90 degree angle and​ very close to​ the surface of​ the cake .​
you​ will want to​ make a​ border so you​ will need to​ decide how far you​ want to​ go in​ from the edge and​ make an​ icing border.
Move the tip up down and​ around to​ make many similar shapes, do not touch or​ cross the other designs .​
Do this​ until the area is​ as​ full as​ you​ want it​ to​ be .​
Now you​ can go over the border on​ both sides with a​ thicker icing .​
you​ will be amazed at​ the lacework you​ have created.

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