What Are The Benefits Of Managed Hosting

When an​ individual first begins to​ create web pages on​ the internet for​ their company or​ to​ start a​ business, one of​ the issues that will arise is​ how to​ host the website. There are several options available but the one that many individuals choose is​ managed hosting. Individuals choose managed hosting for​ a​ variety of​ reasons and​ there are many benefits to​ managed hosting that makes it​ a​ very attractive option​ for​ many individuals. There are a​ number of​ companies that offer managed hosting and​ the fees for​ each can vary considerably due to​ the features and​ options that the company provides. So what are the benefits of​ managed hosting?

One of​ the biggest benefits of​ managed hosting is​ the price of​ the service. Many companies that offer managed hosting can offer services and​ bandwidth for​ a​ much lower price that the individual would be able to​ obtain​ on​ their own. this​ is​ because the cost and​ the amount of​ available bandwidth is​ spread evenly among dozens of​ clients that need a​ relatively small amount of​ bandwidth to​ operate their websites. Using managed hosting also saves the individual from having to​ purchase additional equipment in​ order to​ host their websites, including servers and​ networking software. Some managed hosting companies will also allow the individual to​ place their website on​ a​ dedicated server for​ a​ higher monthly or​ annual fee. this​ is​ commonly used by companies that need a​ great amount of​ bandwidth for​ their sites to​ run effectively.

Another reason​ that many individuals find managed hosting to​ be an​ attractive option​ is​ because of​ the additional features that are included in​ the service package. Many managed hosting companies offer the individuals using their service increased security and​ monitoring services that prevent a​ host of​ issues, from the spread of​ viruses to​ unauthorized access to​ the stealing of​ customer’s personal information. Purchasing security software and​ equipment to​ constantly monitor for​ these issues can be costly for​ the average consumers, but managed hosting companies can provide these services at​ a​ fraction​ of​ the costs. Managed hosting companies can also provide an​ uninterruptedly power supply and​ data backup features to​ ensure that the website will run smoothly and​ without interruption​ for​ a​ vast majority of​ the time. in​ fact, many of​ these companies can provide an​ average up time of​ better than 95%. this​ is​ practically unachievable if​ the individual is​ hosting the website themselves.

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