What Are The Benefits Of Drinking A Lot Of Water

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking A Lot Of Water

What Are The Benefits of​ Drinking a​ Lot of​ Water?
you​ have no doubt heard the drinking water rules. you​ probably know that you​ should drink between 8 and​ 10 glasses of​ water each day. But what are the benefits to​ drinking a​ lot of​ water?
What is​ Drinking Water?
Think back to​ when you​ were in​ high school chemistry class. Remember the formula for​ water? H2O. Two parts of​ hydrogen and​ one part of​ oxygen. Water is​ supposedly colorless, tasteless, and​ odorless. Drinking water is​ essential to​ all known forms of​ life, whether they are plant or​ animal life.

How Does The Human Body Use Drinking Water?
Every cell in​ the human body requires water. Put them altogether, with their load of​ water, and​ your​ body weight is​ almost twothirds water. if​ you​ weigh 150 pounds 68 kg, about 100 pounds 45 kg of​ that is​ water. you​ are mostly water, but how does your​ body use drinking water?
Cells use drinking water as​ a​ delivery service. Each cell is​ separated from its environment by a​ cell membrane. to​ do its work, the cell needs to​ import nutrients and​ export waste products. Water is​ the delivery service, bringing in​ nutrients and​ taking out waste. Whether you​ look at​ red and​ white blood cells, muscle cells, or​ nerve cells, they all need water. Without water, most of​ your​ cells would get clogged with waste, and​ starve to​ death for​ lack of​ nutrients.
Healthy cells, with plenty of​ drinking water, are kept clean and​ nourished. Like the clean engine of​ a​ brand​ new automobile, fed a​ perfect blend of​ quality gasoline petrol, healthy cells can do exactly what they were designed to​ do keep the human body humming along life’s journey.
Consider just 7 of​ the many benefits of​ drinking a​ lot of​ water.
1. Brain. Brain​ cells that have plenty of​ drinking water are able to​ circulate fresh, oxygenladen blood more readily. The brain​ remains fresh and​ alert. Even a​ small drop in​ drinking water levels can make your​ brain’s performance level drop as​ much as​ 20 to​ 30 percent!

2. Muscles. Muscle cells with a​ ready supply of​ drinking water are able to​ work longer without tiring. Water delivers a​ continuing supply of​ oxygen to​ muscles. if​ you​ are exercising in​ warm weather, your​ muscle will need more drinking water every 15 minutes to​ remain​ strong.
3. Cooling system. your​ body’s temperature is​ maintained through drinking water. The water regulates body temperature through sweat. to​ maintain​ a​ normal temperature of​ 98. 6 degrees Fahrenheit on​ hot days, or​ when exercising, the body sweats. Sweat cools the body, but sweat uses up water. We must have a​ lot of​ drinking water to​ replenish the supply.
4. Nerves. Nerve cells transmit messages to​ and​ from the brain. to​ do this, they must use electrolytes. Drinking water is​ an important way to​ maintain​ electrolytes at​ the proper level so that the nerves can do their work.
5. Stomach and​ Intestinal Tract. Our bodies use drinking water to​ digest food in​ the gastrointestinal tract. Insufficient drinking water will slow the process, resulting in​ constipation​ and​ other medical concerns.
6. Eye and​ Mouth Protection. Water keeps your​ eyes and​ mouth moist. it​ washes dirt and​ dust away from your​ eyes.
7. Joints. Drinking water is​ like oiling your​ body’s joints. Water lubricates the joints, keeping them flexible, and​ ensuring smooth motion.
One of​ the most important benefits to​ drinking a​ lot of​ water is​ the benefit realized in​ the kidneys. Urine, which is​ almost entirely water, removes waste products from the body. as​ it​ does so, it​ leaves your​ body. your​ body must replace that water. Get too little drinking water, and​ toxic levels of​ waste build up. The body becomes ill, and​ eventually dies.
What are the benefits to​ drinking a​ lot of​ water? Health, energy, and​ life.

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