What Are The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

What Are The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Parents tend to​ want to​ do what is​ best for​ their children, including breast feeding their infants. While it​ can be uncomfortable to​ do in​ a​ public setting, the bond between child and​ mother grows tremendously when the baby eats from its mother's breast. in​ addition​ to​ strengthening the bond between parent and​ child, there are many medical benefits associated with breastfeeding. Discover now some of​ the medical benefits of​ breastfeeding your​ baby such as:

• protection​ against gastrointestinal trouble
• protection​ against allergies
• increased intelligence in​ the child

Research studies have found that the first milk your​ body produces contains immune factors that guard against germs by forming a​ protective lining on​ your​ baby's mucous membranes in​ the intestines, throat, and​ nose. this​ is​ why it​ is​ important for​ mother to​ start nursing her child directly after birth.

Breastfeeding your​ baby helps protect your​ infant child from gastrointestinal trouble as​ well as​ respiratory problems and​ ear infections. Many research studies have been conducted around the world and​ have concluded fewer diarrheas, less ear infections, and​ fewer respiratory illnesses in​ children who have been breastfed. Women involved in​ the research studies breastfed their babies exclusively for​ at​ least the first six months. this​ means the baby consumed breast milk only, no solid food.

Many research studies have also found that breastfeeding exclusively for​ at​ least six months can reduce the chances of​ the child developing allergies. at​ least one research study has proven that this​ lasts up into the age of​ adolescence. Breastfed babies are also at​ less risk of​ developing asthma up to​ the average age of​ 6.

in​ addition​ to​ the above research studies, other studies have been conducted and​ have found possible links between breastfeeding and​ the child's IQ. in​ these research studies, people who had been breastfed at​ least for​ the first six months of​ their lives scored higher on​ IQ tests. Experts have said that the emotional bonding associated with breastfeeding may be a​ key factor in​ this, but that fatty acids in​ breast milk just may play the larger role in​ a​ baby's brain​ development.

There are many other health benefits associated with breastfeeding your​ baby. Some of​ these benefits include:

• prevention​ of​ obesity in​ your​ child later in​ life
• lower your​ baby's risk of​ SIDS
• prevention​ of​ childhood leukemia

While breastfeeding is​ not always a​ viable option, when it​ can be done, it​ can be beneficial to​ both mother and​ child. Not only is​ the bonding experience incredible, but the health benefits associated with breast feeding are numerous. Whenever the option​ is​ viable, a​ mother should consider breast feeding her child, because it​ is​ best for​ both mother and​ child.

As the old saying goes….breast fed is​ best fed!

What Are The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

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