Well Kept Secrets In Home Decorating

Well Kept Secrets In Home Decorating

When it​ comes to​ redecorating your​ home, many people would say perfection​ lies in​ the details. So once you've selected your​ designer paints and​ custom fabrics and​ draperies and​ picked out high-end furnishings and​ artwork, take a​ moment to​ look around you.

There's a​ good chance you​ may have overlooked some significant details throughout your​ home. Because they serve such an​ ordinary function, switches, outlets and​ dimmers are often overlooked details in​ home-remodeling projects. With the increased attention​ given to​ home lighting, a​ greater number of​ architects, builders and​ design consultants are adding designer-styled switches, outlets and​ dimmers to​ the redecorating equation.

These inexpensively priced products offer the perfect finishing touch to​ a​ newly redecorated room, adding benefits like convenience and​ energy savings, while enriching the home's décor.

Rocker-style switches, for​ example, offer a​ contemporary, distinctive look for​ any room in​ your​ home. Some versions emit a​ soft luminescent glow that helps you​ find your​ way to​ them in​ darkened areas. Designer-style outlets are available in​ a​ variety of​ colors and​ textures that blend with most wall coverings.

With today's rising energy costs on​ everyone's mind, replacing your​ light switches with dimmers may seem frivolous, but a​ dimmer is​ apt to​ pay for​ itself in​ the energy it​ saves. a​ dimmer lets you​ adjust lighting for​ the mood and​ ambience you​ want, while helping you​ reduce lighting usage by up to​ 30 percent. Many models now come with a​ preset switch that remembers the last selected brightness level. Dimmers are as​ easy to​ install as​ a​ light switch. They're ideal for​ bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, dens, home theaters and​ elsewhere.

An occupancy sensor can easily replace a​ standard light switch and​ automatically turn lighting on​ when you​ enter a​ room and​ off when you​ leave. These devices feature designer styling instead of​ a​ clunky "scanning device" look. These sensors let you​ enjoy the magic of​ hands-free light when you​ enter the kitchen with an​ armful of​ packages.

Whatever you​ need to​ add a​ decorative touch to, designer-style wiring devices and​ wall plates are available in​ a​ wide choice of​ styles and​ colors to​ beautify your​ home's décor.

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