Wedding Hairstyles A 7 Step Plan For Perfect Hair

Much preparation has to​ go into the​ bride’s dress,​ and so should her crowning glory,​ the​ hair. Follow this simple guide on​ how to​ plan for​ the​ perfect wedding hairstyle.

Weeks before your wedding day choose a​ hairdresser that will make your do at​ the​ wedding. Find a​ hairdresser that is​ recommended by someone you​ know and trust; someone that they had a​ good experience with.

1. Establish a​ good rapport with the​ hairdresser. you​ should be comfortable in​ discussing with him or​ her on​ the​ style and look you​ want. Some hairdressers insist on​ some do that they dreamed would be made for​ them. Be firm in​ telling him or​ her what you​ want and don’t want.

2. Discuss in​ length the​ shape of​ your face in​ relation to​ the​ hairstyle that he or​ she proposes. Try the​ following styles:

-Up do’s signify elegance and this is​ what most brides want.

-Tired of​ the​ bun? Achieve the​ same polished look with braids instead. From cornrows to​ French twists,​ there are numerous interesting ways to​ set your hair in​ place.

-Letting your hair down,​ especially of​ the​ mid-length can emanate romance. Flip the​ edges out for​ a​ little retro look.

-Short hair can be spruced up with color highlights or​ shiny curls.

3. Ask to​ schedule a​ practice session to​ mock-up the​ intended hair do for​ your wedding day. you​ may need to​ pay extra for​ this mock-up session,​ but it’s worth the​ buck to​ ensure you​ look lovely during your wedding.

4. Part of​ the​ mock-up is​ for​ you​ to​ carry the​ hairstyle. Check side and rear views for​ how the​ hairstyle looks and make sure it​ is​ made to​ your liking. you​ are the​ center of​ attention on​ the​ wedding day,​ so you​ should be beautiful 360 degrees!

5. Walk around the​ salon with your hairstyle. Try to​ bob your head abit or​ do other head movements that you​ think will happen on​ wedding day. Make sure your hairstyle withstands all the​ head activity and that you​ and your scalp will be comfortable for​ hours.

6. Now,​ traditionally,​ they say it​ is​ bad luck to​ try on​ your wedding dress before the​ wedding day. But you​ need to​ be sure that your hairstyle matches the​ gown. Don’t worry; you​ can still approximate the​ look by using other dresses. Look for​ a​ dress that has the​ same collar style as​ your wedding dress. Then put on​ something that approximates the​ same lines of​ your wedding gown. View yourself on​ the​ mirror,​ and imagine yourself in​ white… does the​ hairstyle match?

7. on​ the​ eve of​ the​ wedding,​ get a​ head massage,​ on​ second thought,​ get a​ whole body massage! This relaxes your body,​ opens your pores and freshens up your skin.

Gets yourself ready for​ your momentous event: plan for​ your wedding day hairstyle and achieve the​ perfect wedding day look!

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