Wedding Hair Style Tips Choose Your Wedding Day Hairstyle Carefully

Women like to​ look glamorous,​ elegant and sexy on​ their wedding day so they usually take the​ time to​ choose an​ extravagant dress,​ stunning shoes and make up,​ and then there is​ the​ hair style. Whoa boy! Women usually have a​ stylist visit them when they are getting ready for​ the​ wedding,​ which costs a​ fortune,​ or​ they visit the​ parlour early in​ the​ morning before their wedding to​ get their chosen hair style done.

A woman's hair may be her crowning glory,​ but getting a​ new 'do' just before a​ big event in​ your life can be a​ major mistake. Plan ahead with any chemical treatments - bleaching,​ colouring,​ streaking,​ perming or​ straightening - and if​ you're considering any radical changes in​ length or​ style do it​ at​ least six to​ eight weeks before the​ big event,​ this way it​ gives you​ and your hair time to​ adjust together and get a​ “working relationship” on​ the​ go.

On your wedding day,​ hundreds of​ eyes will be on​ you,​ and your chosen wedding hair style can either complete the​ picture or​ detract from it. That is​ why it​ is​ so important to​ choose the​ perfect formal hairstyle well in​ advance of​ the​ big day so that you​ and your stylist can get it​ right and make custom additions to​ your wedding hair style. Nothing is​ worse than a​ hastily crafted coif decided upon only minutes before the​ ceremony,​ take the​ time with your stylist to​ go over what looks suit you​ and what looks don’t,​ obviously avoid the​ looks that don’t suit you. Larger figures should wear their hair up as​ this draws attention and slims the​ face down,​ slimmer brides should look at​ curls which accentuate the​ face and shoulders.

Men may seem as​ though they don’t care about their wedding hair style and women are none the​ wiser to​ it,​ but in​ fact the​ bride groom spends at​ least 15 minutes making sure all the​ gel is​ in​ the​ correct plane and he has no sticky up bits!!

A great wedding hair style is​ crucial,​ especially for​ those wedding pictures,​ make sure it's not some kind of​ style which is​ going to​ fall all over the​ place or​ is​ going to​ be blown around in​ high winds! That way you​ can be sure of​ looking great in​ those pictures!

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