Wedding Hair Secrets

Wedding Hair Secrets


Wedding Hair Styles in​ Marina Del Ray|Malibu|Los Angeles|90405,​ California. is​ your wedding starting to​ make you​ feel like a​ Hollywood Movie Producer? Even the​ selection of​ your wedding hair styles for​ you​ and the​ bridal party is​ feeling like a​ movie set in​ Fantasyland. you​ are already overwhelmed. you​ need help with your wedding hair.

Relax; I'm here to​ ease your stress and to​ take a​ big load off of​ your shoulders. I've helped brides and their bridal parties in​ my salon for​ so long I am in​ permanent wedding hair and bridal makeup mode.

I'm going to​ tell you​ how to​ insure that you​ have alluring,​ envied bridal hair so it​ is​ complimented by,​ but not overshadowed,​ by the​ wedding hair accessories and bridal hair styles of​ the​ bridesmaids.

Finally I will give you​ some wedding hair secret inside information about which other salons wished I kept my mouth shut.


The first step is​ wedding hair and bridal makeup plans should ideally be formulated at​ least 3-4 months before the​ event. Have your hair stylist show you​ some pictures of​ their work on​ brides or​ of​ special event hair styles. Bring the​ wedding hair pictures displaying the​ styles you​ like the​ best.

Pictures of​ wedding hair styles are one of​ the​ best ways to​ avoid bridal hair disasters. Pictures will help eliminate misunderstandings between you​ and your hair stylist.

Be practical. Try a​ style that is​ comfortable for​ dancing and moving around. Consider the​ wedding location’s climate (humid,​ dry,​ wet,​ cold,​ too hot). Make a​ selection from wedding hair styles that will match with the​ style of​ your dress. Keep your desired bridal hair styles in​ mind when picking out accessories.


Select simple Wedding Hair Accessories that will not overpower your wedding hair like hair ornaments and headpieces. if​ you​ plan to​ wear a​ more elaborate headpiece,​ your wedding hair should be simple. Bridal Tiaras can be very flattering.

Very simple jewelry will do for​ the​ bridesmaids. Stick with earrings,​ bracelets,​ or​ rings,​ but avoid necklaces.
The entire bridal party should have one theme for​ the​ wedding hair styles and bridal make-up. However the​ bridal party could all have different hair lengths,​ color and texture of​ hair.

Your bridal make-up should emphasize the​ eyes,​ lips,​ and skin-tone as​ these parts should be camera friendly at​ all times. Remember the​ bride has the​ leading role in​ this production. the​ bridesmaids are the​ supporting players who are there to​ make the​ star look good.


It is​ not a​ bad idea to​ have an​ up-do,​ if​ your dress covers all the​ way to​ the​ neck. Don’t be afraid of​ a​ short hair style especially if​ you​ are petite. Short hair can be one of​ the​ more sexy wedding hair types.

It is​ usually better to​ not to​ request a​ classic hair do with a​ contemporary wedding dress. if​ you​ have your heart set on​ one of​ the​ classic styles of​ wedding hair,​ then it​ should be a​ casual one.

For a​ modern or​ classic Victorian style,​ one of​ the​ beach wedding hair styles is​ better when it​ is​ a​ basic chignon or​ down hair style with simple,​ loose curls. Soft curls give you​ a​ very romantic look. This goes for​ the​ bridesmaids as​ well. it​ is​ better that they all follow the​ same pattern.

The bridal party should wear the​ same color and style of​ dress as​ well as​ a​ similar hairstyle. for​ example,​ either all the​ bridesmaids should wear flowers in​ their hair or​ no one should at​ all.


The best way to​ check the​ look of​ all the​ wedding hair styles in​ your bridal party is​ to​ have your entire bridal party make a​ visit to​ a​ salon for​ a​ wedding hair tryout.

The best salons are confident you​ will be satisfied with their work. Therefore they typically offer a​ tremendous discount for​ the​ tryout. the​ staff will work hard so that you​ will book your wedding party with them. When you​ do book,​ expect to​ be presented with a​ wedding hair contract.


Make sure to​ read your contract carefully before signing. Read every word and make sure to​ ask questions if​ you​ don’t understand something. if​ you​ are uncomfortable with the​ wording,​ it​ is​ fair to​ ask that the​ contract be changed.

Don’t just gloss over the​ details of​ the​ contract. it​ should include important information such as​ the​ date of​ your wedding,​ the​ types of​ wedding hair and bridal make up services to​ be rendered.

Many salons will ask for​ a​ deposit to​ hold the​ appointment in​ advance.
Some contracts will state that deposits are nonrefundable.

If your wedding hair contract has such a​ clause determine if​ there is​ a​ grace period. Pay a​ percentage of​ the​ service and not the​ whole price. Also make payment with a​ credit card. Should there be a​ problem or​ dispute,​ you​ will have a​ better chance of​ getting your money back.


You've found your husband. you​ are congratulated.

In this article I gave you​ great tips that will help perfect your wedding hair styles and bridal make up. I’ve also given you​ some inside information that other salon owners don’t want you​ to​ know regarding services and contracts.

You ARE the​ Executive Producer and Star of​ your wedding. You've got plenty to​ do. Therefore,​ like in​ any successful movie,​ you​ need a​ professional Director for​ the​ production of​ your bridal hair styles and bridal makeup. Telephone Next Salon at​ 310-392-6645 and turn over all the​ details to​ me and my staff of​ experts in​ wedding hair.

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