Website Marketing Strategies Article Based One Way Links

One way links are the​ most powerful links at​ this time. Link popularity dramatically affects the​ search engine rankings of​ a​ site. And now almost all webmasters prefer one way links instead of​ reciprocal links. They are just seen better by the​ search engines algorithms.

Webmasters have developed many methods to​ achieve good one way links. you​ can write good articles related to​ your site and submit them to​ articles directories. you​ can also submit your site to​ site directories,​ write testimonials for products,​ services or​ tools that you​ used. When you​ write a​ testimonial you'll just have to​ place a​ link to​ your site in​ the​ end of​ it.

The best method to​ get one way links that I've seen so far,​ is​ trough article distribution. I call this links optimized one way links. I will try to​ explain to​ you​ how to​ use this method.

First of​ all you​ should posses a​ site with great content or​ products. After that,​ you​ write an​ article related to​ your site's topic. if​ you​ don't have any writing skills than don't worry,​ put someone else to​ do it. There are many sites on​ the​ net that offer similar services: they write the​ article,​ they submit it​ to​ article directories,​ they gather the​ links and send them to​ you​ at​ some reasonable prices.

The great thing about this website marketing strategy is​ that this links are really optimized for your desired keywords. When you​ write your article try to​ use your keyword in​ the​ tile,​ content,​ anchor text and around the​ link. So this links will come from only content pages related to​ yours having your desired keyword all over. This has a​ great weight for the​ search engines.

Another advantage of​ this website marketing strategy is​ that after you​ publish the​ article it​ will start to​ multiply. Webmasters looking for content will take the​ article and place it​ on​ their site including the​ resource box with your link in​ it. So if​ the​ article is​ good you​ have the​ chance to​ make many natural one way links with no effort.

Choosing this website marketing strategy will bring you​ great results. It's a​ tested method that will bring you​ many targeted traffic and great search engine positions.

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