Webconference Applications For Marketing

WEBconference applications for marketing
The key people are committed to​ organizing brainstorming sessions and focus groups,​ and in​ conceiving and validating concepts .​
Press conferences,​ sometimes lasting several weeks,​ are also held during product launches .​
For the​ fruition of​ these efforts,​ the​ prospects have to​ be carefully identified as​ qualified .​
Otherwise,​ these efforts will be futile,​ and the​ team will have to​ begin again without being able to​ capitalize their exchanges and use them repeatedly.
The marketing team announces on​ their WEB site the​ online presentations (WEBinar),​ for which the​ visitors have to​ register in​ advance .​
The brainstorming sessions among colleagues,​ the​ focus groups,​ press conferences,​ and product launching are done long distance during webconferences .​
In addition,​ these events are completely recorded,​ both voice and images,​ and then copied by different means and placed on​ the​ WEB site,​ the​ local network,​ and on​ CD or​ DVD in​ order to​ be reused or​ replayed for new prospects,​ employees,​ and partners .​

The added advantage of​ WEBinars is​ that the​ participants are identified as​ qualified beforehand .​
It's only later on​ that they are considered as​ prospects for the​ sales team - this produces better closing performance from the​ team .​
The time devoted to​ events is​ significantly reduced .​
The response rate of​ the​ prospects is​ faster .​
The audio-visual archives integrated through the​ years represent priceless collateral material that can support sales .​
In addition,​ we have the​ power of​ multimedia to​ the​ performance of​ polymedia,​ on​ different kinds of​ supports,​ regardless of​ the​ time.

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